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Dear Poly Parents & Alumni:
It is a privilege to greet alumni and parents as President of The Joseph Dana Allen Society, our fundraising initiative for planned giving to Poly Prep.

I know that this may be a difficult time for many. Obviously, the current economy is unpredictable, at best. Increasing the level of support to those institutions that have played a significant role in your life or the lives of your children or grandchildren may seem daunting, given the demands on your current income.
Paul Zola '53

The good news is that
The Joseph Dana Allen Society enables you to make meaningful contributions to Poly without any impact on your current financial position.

Membership in the Society is given to those who create testamentary provisions for the school or establish trusts which give immediate tax benefits to the givers.

Moreover, any planned giving to Poly Prep will augment the school’s endowment, and this will enable the school to manage economic ups and downs with greater confidence, preserve the school’s academic programs, and maintain its two campuses. The Joseph Dana Allen Society looks to the future, both for its source of giving and its permanent effect on the financial health of the school.

Learn more about Planned Giving here. Please take a moment to consider this idea. We would like to formally welcome you as a member of The Joseph Dana Allen Society.

In fact, you may already be eligible for membership in the Society. For example, you may already have arranged a bequest to Poly Prep. However, unless you let us know about your plans, we cannot acknowledge your generosity.

Please join us in this exciting giving opportunity. We look forward to recognizing you as we work to guarantee the school’s health for generations to come.

If you would like to assist Poly in contacting other alumni or parents who might be interested in planned giving, or if you have questions about your own plans, please email Lisa Della Pietra '86, Associate Director of Development — Director of Alumni Relations and Alumni Poly Fund, or call her at 718.836.9800, ext. 6870.

Cordially yours,

Paul Zola
President, Joseph Dana Allen Society 
  •  Anonymous
  •  L. Davis Arbuckle '51
  •  Clifford Barr '48
  •  Arthur Bellinzoni Jr. '53
  •  Bruce Bernstein '53, P'79
  •  Darwin Blaine '44
  •  Thomas Blankley '38
  •  Allen Brush '31
  •  Richardson Buist '39 
  •  Donald Conover '49
  •  Richard Conroy '44
  •  David Corwin '62
  •  Herbert Coyne '44
  •  Michael David '66
  •  Richard Debs '48
  •  Walter Engel Jr. '42
  •  Gilbert Feldman '42, P'83, '85
  •  Jacquin Fink '54
  •  Richard Gallen '50
  •  Michael Gold '55
  •  Peter Guesnon '50
  •  Hugh Hermann '46
  •  Owen Hoberman '54
  •  Mike Jacobs '68
  •  Warren Jacobs '51
  •  David Kramer '49
  •  Marvin Kraushar '54
  •  Neil Levenson '51
  •  Arthur Levitt Jr. '48
  •  Peter Liebert '53
  •  John Madden Jr. '72
  •  Peter Malkin '51
  •  David Marrus '48
  •  Marc Miller '75
  •  Richard Mizrack '60, P'95, '00
  •  Harry Petchesky '55
  •  Robert Reardon '46
  •  Elliot Rebhun '75
  •  Maurice Rindskopf '34 
  •  Eric Ruby '64
  •  Victor Samra Jr. '59
  •  William Schiazza '82
  •  Herman Schroeder '32
  •  Roy Seaberg Jr. '52
  •  Marvin Sears '45
  •  Robert Shanley '40
  •  George Smyth Jr. '48
  •  Paul Spagnoli Jr. '42
  •  Harlan Stone II '53
  •  Nathan Trynin '48
  •  Samson Ullman '39
  •  William Wallace III '44
  •  Fred Werner '54
  •  Charles Weymuller '46
  •  William Williams '38
  •  Donald Zarou '52
  •  Paul Zola '53
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