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Middle School Recognition Awards Presented at Chapel on June 4


Students Honored for Academic Excellence in Languages, Creative Writing, Reading, Performing and Visual Arts, and Math; Dedication to Middle School Clubs & Senate

Middle School students received recognition awards for their academic excellence and club participation on June 4 at a Chapel assembly in the Richard Perry Theatre.
Middle School Head Lori Anne Brogdon ’95, ’27 welcomed students and faculty to the assembly at “this very exciting time of year.”
Middle School Senate
Ann McCartney (Grade 5/6 Associate Dean; History) and Liane Dougherty (History) recognized Middle School Senate representatives and presented certificates to Middle School Senate co-presidents Zach Kimmel ‘17 and Sophie Rodney ‘17.
Benjamin Grush Award
Christy Hutchcraft (English) and Marisa Gomez (English Department Chair) presented the Benjamin Grush Award to Zach Kimmel ‘17 (who also won a prestigious NCTE writing award) and Ella Ketchum ‘17 for their creative writing talents.
Middle School Bearns Speaking Contest
Gail Karpf (Middle School English Coordinator) recognized the winners of the Middle School Bearns Speaking Contest:
Form II/8th Grade

First Place: Sophia Rodney ‘17
Second Place: Khail Bryant ‘17
Third Place: Zach Kimmel ‘17
Form I/7th Grade
First Place: Olivia Knutsen ‘18
Second Place: Kayla Williams ‘18
Third Place: Giuliana Gabellini ’18
Grade 6
First Place - Eliza Schiff ’19
Second Place - Lily Ezrow ’19
Third Place - Michael Cooper ’19
Grade 5
First Place - Anthony Cataldo ’20
Second Place - Bailey Chapin ’20
Third Place - Kathyrn Merrill ’20
Tower Times
Caesar Fabella (History) and Phoebe Aberlin-Ruiz (Health; World Languages) recognized the staff of the Middle School newspaper, Tower Times and Fabella gave special praise to the Form II students who have contributed to the school newspaper since fifth grade: Katie Camuso ’17, Eric Muoio ’17, and Jill Burke ’17.
World Languages Awards
Dr. Angela Gittens (World Languages) represented the department faculty in presenting Excellence in World Languages Awards to: Meghan Pearce ’17— Excellence in Modern Languages (French); Nicholas Lennon ‘17—Excellence in Modern Languages (French); and Seamus Nayduch ‘17—Excellence in Modern Languages (Spanish).
Math Awards
Form II/8th Grade
Middle School mathematics teachers Kate Flahive P’04, ‘06, Linda Russo P’17, Carol Seeley (Form II Dean), Sabina LaRicchia P’21, and Rosemarie Izzo (Form II Dean) presented math awards: Form II Award: Dylan Riddell ’17; AMC (American Mathematics Competition) School Winner: Isaac Rose-Berman ’18; AMC Honor Roll: Khyber Sen ‘18 and Dylan Riddell ’17; AMC 3rd Place: John Luke Destefano ’17, Thomas Russo ’17, Meghan Pearce ’17, and Harold Rockwell ‘17
New York Math League
Form I/7th Grade
1st Place: Isaac Rose-Berman ‘18
2nd Place: Tyler Marlowe ’18
3rd Place: Khyber Sen ‘18 and Brian Chiang ‘18
Math Grade 6
1st Place: Chloe Sun ‘19
2nd Place: Kiran Khambla ‘19
3rd Place: Gabriel Cannavo ‘19
Math Grade 5
1st Place: Alexander Urquhart ‘20
2nd Place: Nathaniel Lewis ‘20
3rd Place: William Clothier ’20, Sylvia Riddell ’20, Liam Kinnane
Russo also recognized the members of the Grade 5/6 Math Olympiad Team:
Alexander Urquhart ’20,
Kristen Palmer ‘19
Chloe Sun ‘19
Simon Jordan ‘19
Nathaniel Lewis ‘120
Nicolai Amin ‘19
Gabriel Cannavo ‘19
Anthony Cataldo ‘20
Romy Aran ‘19
Jeovanna Deshong-Connor ‘19
Julian Ryan ‘19
Form II Leaders
Aimee Nevins (Learning Center Coordinator; Polyglot Advisor) recognized the Form II leaders saying that they meet two times a month at lunchtime to plan events and fundraisers such as collecting toys for children at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center.
Creative Writing Club
Christy Hutchcraft (English) recognized the members of the Creative Writing Club:
Form II/8th Grade
Seamus Nayduch ‘17
Lucia Pallotta ‘17
Katie Camuso ‘17
Ella Ketchum ‘17
Kayla Glemaud ‘17
Anna Garcia ‘17
Grace Lienhard ‘17
Form I/7th Grade
Giuliana Gabellini ‘18
Lily Ray Darling Anderson ‘18
Liat Weinstein ‘18
Science Olympiad Team
Marie Corkhill (Science) and Linda Aponte (Science) called on the members of the Science Olympiad Team to stand and congratulated them on the first year of the new Middle School club.
Young Singers and Tower Singers
Dan Doughty (Middle School Performing Arts Coordinator) recognized members of the Young Singers and Tower Singers, specifically those in their respective groups for two full years.
Additionally, he recognized students who have been singing for four full years—Young Singers from 2009-2011 and Tower Singers 2011-2013:
Anna Garcia ‘17
Adia Gist ‘17
Zachary Kimmel ‘17
Nicholas Lennon ‘17
Amina Miller ‘17
Hal Rockwell ‘17
Matthew Silver ‘17
Art Awards
Hilary Beynon presented awards to winners of the Student Choice art awards:
1. Victoria Aiello ‘17
2. Dylan Mao ‘17
3. Addee Kim ‘17 and Kat Coggeshall ‘18
The winners of the photo contest were:
1. Kiran Khambla ‘19
2. Kat Coggeshall ‘18 and Sophie Buchman ‘19
3. Izzy Jalowayski ‘20
The winners of the sketch contest were:
1. Sofia Russo ‘19
2. Lily Ray Darling Anderson ‘18
3. Kathryn Maccario Merrill ‘20
Beynon also recognized the faithful members of the 2012-2013 Art Club:
Zack Hajjar ‘17
Dylan Mao ‘17
Simon Nichoson ‘17
Nicholas Boyce ‘18
Nick Fabella ‘18
Julien Hinz ‘18
Jack Madden ‘18
Sid Phillips ‘18
Jasper Stoch ‘18
Ana Tessier ‘18
Kayla Williams ‘18
Mia Hinz ‘19
Claudia Iannelli ‘19
Kate Kenny ‘19
Sophie Koutsoftas ‘19
Jenifer Kuliyev ‘19
Darien Minnihan ‘19
Sloane Murphy ‘19
Kristen Palmer ‘19
Sofia Russo ‘19
Taylor Scaccia ’19
Amy Schwartz ‘19
Josh Stumpe ‘19
Chloe Sun ‘19
Jacob Bongiovi ‘20
Sonia Dillard-Jakubowicz ‘20
Alexandra Donovan ‘20
Malia Freedhand ‘20
James Gravante ‘20
Julianna Kelly ‘20
Kate Maccario Merrill ‘20
Kellan McCann ‘20
Dance Awards
Ashley Hacker (Performing Arts) presented awards to students that have been in the Dance Concert all four years of their Middle School career:
Anna Garcia ‘17
Ariel Lowenstern ‘17
Katharine Camuso ‘17
Ella Ketchum ‘17
Manavi Mongia ‘17
Middle School Library & Reading
Middle School librarian Annie Nakos P’94, ’96 presented Library recognition awards to students in grades 5 and 6 who love to read: Jared Brandman ‘20, Abigail Lienhard ‘20, Bailey Chapin ‘20, Indira Thodiyil ‘20, Lily Ezrow ‘19, Rema Hort ‘19, Sadie Riddell ‘20, Sylver Riddell ‘20, Gabriel Lobo-Berg ‘19, Nicolai Amin ‘19, and Romy Aran '19.
Middle School Clubs
Girls on the Move
Adrien Ricci (Physical Education and Athletics) asked the members of the new club, Girls on the Move, to stand. She said that she and Nurse Pat Murphy had started the club in the fall for girls to run and get exercise as well as learn about nutrition and wellness.
Chapel Tech Squad
Brogdon thanked the members of Middle School Chapel Tech Squad who make sure that Chapels run smoothly throughout the year.
Girl Up
Gail Karpf (Middle School English Coordinator), Francesca Leibowitz (5th Grade Teacher), and Kate Flahive (Middle School Mathematics Coordinator) recognized the very enthusiastic members of the new club, Girl Up, including some of the founding members, Ana Tessier ’18, Jules Gabellini ’18, Liat Weinstein ’18, and Shakaa Chaiban ’18, for a very exciting first year.

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