Welcome from Alumni Association Board of Governors President

Dear Fellow Poly Alumni:

Some of us haven’t been back to campus since graduation while others feel as though they have never left.  Whether you are one, the other or somewhere in between, I encourage you to get involved and to reconnect.

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    The Board of Governors serves to help you do just that.  We are your liaisons between the school and the Alumni Association and are charged with keeping our alumni community informed of what’s going on at Poly today, organizing alumni events and programs, strengthening our networking initiatives and increasing alumni participation in Annual Giving.

    There has never been a more exciting time to reconnect with Poly. Our students are studying new subjects, creating different organizations and having important conversations about today’s world.  When asked what most interests them, though, it is hearing from alumni like you.  I invite you to come back to visit one of their student organization meetings, to speak at an assembly in the Chapel, to watch them illuminate the stage, to see their artwork on display or to cheer them on at athletic competitions. 
    We are working with alumni and members of the Poly community to organize workshops so that you can learn more about a particular industry, explore a new career or acquire a new life skill.  These workshops will provide a forum for you to network with other alumni in addition to annual events like Homecoming, Special Reunion and our Regional Gatherings.  Please check our schedulefor upcoming events.
    The Board of Governors seeks to ensure that the Poly experience is always with us.  We are creating a “buddy system” to pair Poly alumni with graduating seniors moving on to college.  We invite you tomentor college students and other alumni who seek professional advice.  We would also love for you to participate in Poly’s internship program by offering a valuable experience in career exploration to our students.
    The Board of Governors is committed to increasing alumni participation in Annual Giving. A gift of any size is a fundamental way to give back to the school that gave us so much, and to ensure that Poly students continue to be leaders in mind, body and character.  Whether the ask comes from the Advancement Office, your Class Agent or another member of the Poly community, I hope that you will consider making a gift to Poly.
    The Board of Governors is a growing group of people committed to pursuing the best for the Poly community.  If you have suggestions, questions or if you are interested in joining us, please feel free to contact us.  We also recently formed a group of Board of Governors Volunteers for those may not be able to make the full Board commitment but would like to help on a project basis.  It is never too late to get involved.  We hope to hear from you soon.
    Alexandra Maresca Azara ‘00 P ‘33

Alumni Association

The Alumni Association Board of Governors foster connections between fellow alumni and Poly by:
  • keeping our alumni community informed of what’s going on at Poly today 
  • organizing alumni events and programs 
  • creating networking initiatives 
  • increasing alumni participation in Annual Giving

Board of Governors Committees

Promotes school and alumni news and events.
Alumni Annual Giving
Helps increase alumni Annual Giving participation and contributions through peer to peer outreach.
Networking and Mentoring
Helps to organize opportunities for alumni to connect with each other and with Poly student organizations.
Solicits new members of the Board of Governors and identifies potential alumni recipients for the Distinguished Achievement Award and faculty/staff for the Spirit Award.
Questions? Contact Donna Muoio P'13, '17, Director of Alumni Relations.  

Alumni Board of Governors (2019-2020)

Alexandra Maresca Azara '00 P'33

Vice President
Qadir Forbes '11

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  • Board Members

    Eileen Ahasic '01
    Danielle Basso '90, P'21, '24, '25
    William Basso '89, P'21, '24, '25
    Marianne Bertuna '94
    Edward Burke '76
    Stephanie Caso '09
    Anastasia Cembrovska '07
    Jacqueline Chirdo '13
    Shannon Cohall '10
    Cristina Cote '05
    Matthew Dresher '03
    Matthew Durando '96, P'30
    Adam Garson '05
    Runako Gulstone '04
    Anitra Haskopoulos '96
    Jared Hedglin '09
    Lauren Mancuso Latinelli '97
    Ayisha McHugh '12
    Lia Minkoff '00
    Hal Rose '74, P'04, '09
    Matthew Roventini '92, P'21, '25
    Anthony Sgarlato '74
    Peter Soto '01, P'31
    Akili Tommasino '05
    Todd Vitolo '92

Alumni Distinguished Achievement Award

Since 1983, the Poly Prep Alumni Association has presented Alumni Awards to graduates who have distinguished themselves in one of three categories: distinguished achievements in their respective fields, service to Poly, and support of our Alma Mater. Eligibility for consideration begins after the twenty-fifth year of graduation from Poly.
The Alumni Awards are presented by the Board of Governors during the Alumni Association Annual Meeting each year on Reunion Day to alumni who embody the inspirational qualities to lead, succeed, and serve their community.
Congratulations to all the recipients of the Alumni Association Award for Distinguished Achievement:

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    2019Gigi Georges '84, Timothy Hollister '74, Dr. Morton Levitt '64
    2018Dr. Robert J. Jacob '68, Mrs. Jeanine Smartt Liburd '88, Dr. Matthew Albert '88
    2017Richard S. Snedeker ’47, Dr. Neil W. Schluger ’77
    2016Daniel A. Pollack ’56, Dr. Ira J. Bleiweiss ’76, Stephen C. Brandman ‘81, Loretta A. Ippolito ‘81
    2015Dr. Sheldon H. Cherry ’50, Steven I. Froot ’75, Dr. Michael G. Vitale ‘85
    2014Howard J. Levy ’69, The Honorable Elizabeth Bonina ‘79
    2013Gerald F. Phillips ’43, Dr. Louis J. Aronne ’73, Lawrence S. Brandman, JD ’78, Nicholas A. Gravante, Jr. ’78
    2012Dr. David Biro ’82, James F. Blumstein, Esq ’62, James D. Zirin, Esq ’57
    2011The Honorable Richard Linn ’61, Michael A. Rebell ’61, Robert E. Telson ’66
    2010Dr. Saul Brusilow ’45, Robert B. Oxnam ’60, Dr. Joseph L. Wright ’75
    2009Malcolm H. Bell ’49, Edward L. Marcus, JD ’44
    2008Edward Fein ’53, Dr. Jules L. Baum ’48, Richard B. Saltzman ’73
    2007Nathan H. Brandt, Jr. ’47, Joseph P. McElroy ’47, Robert L. Mitchell ’62, Nicholas Asher ’72, James Manos, Jr. ’77
    2006Dr. Michael E. Lamm ’51, K. Eric Knutsen ’56, Dr. Robert T. Leshner MD ’61, Russell Pinkston ’66, Dr. William E. Golden ’71, Kenneth R. Dashow ’76
    2005Dr. Donald A. Lindberg ’50, Andrew F. Gurley ’55, Thomas H. Parker ’65, Glen P. Roven ’75, Scott M. Smith ’75, Dr. Robert J. Soiffer ’75
    2004Dr. Elihu H. Estey '64, Dr. Mark I. Evans '69, Joel Pfister '69, Kenneth J. Cort '59, Andrew S. Dolkart '69
    2003Brigadier General George D. Eggers, Jr. ’43, Charles B. Dorf ’48, Ellis R. Mottur ’48, Dr. Alan Roland ’48, Dr. Peter S. Liebert ’53
    2002Thomas M. Constant ’42, Frank P. Libassi ’47, Charles M. Diker ’52
    2001Alan F. Neidle ’46, Dr. Robert M. Reardon ’46, Dr. Stanley Goldfarb ’61, William N. Fordes ’71, Kenneth S. Stern ‘71
    2000Leonard Koppet ’40, Robert L. Lohman ’40, Dr. Edward E. Wallach ’50, Dr. Douglas T. Fearon ’60, Dr. Alan M. Kantrow ’65
    1999The Reverend H. Dana Fearon III ’49, Mel M. Immergut ’64, Dr. Morris J. Birnbaum ’69, Dr. Louis B. Harrison ’74
    1998Dr. Hugo D. Freudenthal ’48, Roger Malkin ’48, Dr. Alan H. Schechter ’53, John E. Sands ’58, John J. Hubbard ‘74
    1997Seth S. Faison ’42, Dr. William P. Nelson, III ’37, Victor S. Rich ’57, Dr. Herman E. Schroeder ’32
    1996Dr. Glenn Bateman ’61, Donald Carswell ’46, John J. Chew, Jr. ’41, Kenneth M. Duberstein ’61
    1995Robert D. Briskman ’50, Robert M. Gintel ’45, Dr. Donald B. Louria ’45, Dr. Marvin L. Sears ’45
    1994S. Lane Faison, Jr. ’24, David M. Lichtman ’59, Edwin S. Marks ’44
    1993Richard A. Debs ’48, The Honorable Howard M. Holtzmann ’38, Joel M. Pokorny ’58, Ross B. Socoloff ’43
    1992Robert A. Hall, Jr. ’27, Dr. Charles M. Plotz ’37, Dr. William C. Purdy ’47, Robert F. Wallace ’52, Dr. Albert E. Wood ’26
    1991Howard J. Aibel ’46, Richard E. Kotite ’61, Dr. Michael R. Rosen ’56, Jonathan Sanger ’61
    1990Dr. Myles M. Behrens ’55, C. Anthony Junker ’55, Dr. Gerard A. Kaiser ’50, Dr. Matthew D. Scharff ’50, Harold Seidman ’30
    1989Dr. George V. Cochran ’49, Robert W. Cort ’64, Dr. Eugene S. Flamm ’54, Rear Admiral Maurice H. Rindskopf ’34, Dr. Ethan R. Signer ’54
    1988Dr. Jacob A. Brody ’48, Arthur Levitt ’48
    1987Robert B. Baird II ’42, William S. Cashel, Jr. ’37, Dr. Allan J. Ryan ’32
    1986Peter L. Malkin ’51, Charles W. B. Wardell, Jr. ‘31
    1985Robert Carswell ’45, John B. Madden, Sr. ’36, Richard Perry ’60
    1984Edwin S. Marks ’44, Kent Rhodes ’29
    1983Dr. Freeman D. Love ‘33

Young Alumni Award

The Young Alumni Award is given to those who have graduated within the last 10 years and have shown exceptional volunteer service and commitment to Poly Prep.

2019 Jared Hedglin '09, Stephanie Caso '09
50 Prospect Park West, Brooklyn, New York 11215 | (718) 768-1103
9216 Seventh Avenue, Brooklyn, New York 11228 | (718) 836-9800