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Parents' Association

Mission & Philosophy

When your child enters Poly Prep, each parent or guardian becomes a member of the Poly Prep Parents' Association (PA).

The mission of the PA is to build a sense of community among parents, students, administration, and faculty. To accomplish this, the PA sponsors a variety of events each year to strengthen the Poly community. Activities are designed to facilitate communication among parents, students, and faculty and to encourage the exchange of ideas and information among parents and administrators. The PA also organizes forums to provide information and support about specific parenting issues and concerns. The PA conducts fundraising activities and coordinates parent volunteers within the school.


The Parents' Association Board consists of an Executive Committee and grade representatives. Officers are responsible for overseeing a variety of events and activities. They manage the Parents' Association's policies, programs, and budget in accordance with its mission.

Grade representatives serve as parent representatives for their children's grade. Grade representatives help plan events for their grade and plan and oversee several Peer Parent Meetings each year. The Peer Parent structure at Poly Prep is designed to bring parents with children in the same age group together to share information about parenting issues and support one another.

Parents' Association Principles of Mutual Responsibility

We do not know each other well, but our children are schoolmates and friends. As time goes on, they will spend more and more social time together, at school, in our homes, and away from the Poly campus.

Each family has its own way of raising its children, but each family also has a responsibility to uphold basic standards of behavior toward the children of other families. Many parents have met at Poly to discuss these matters, and the following is what has been concluded:


  1. If our children are guests in your home, we expect that you will assume responsibility for their well-being.
  2. If our children are guests in your home, we expect that you will be both present and available to supervise their activities as needed.
  3. If your children are guests in our home, we expect that you will want us to assume the same active responsibility that we expect of you in your home.
  4. If our children are guests in your home, we expect that you will abide by law—neither give them nor permit them to consume alcohol, drugs, or tobacco.
  5. If our children are guests in your home, we expect that you will act to restrain any kind of inappropriate sexual behavior.
  6. If your children and our, together, leave your home, we expect that you will know their whereabouts and their activities.
  7. If our children bring drugs or alcoholic beverages into your home, we expect that you will confiscate them and notify us that you have done so.
  8. If our children seriously misbehave in your home, or if despite your best efforts they have consumed drugs or alcoholic beverages, we expect you to call us (at any hour) so that we can come and take them home.
  9. If our children are invited to your home, expect to be able to call you concerning the activities that are planned and the rules that you apply within your home. 
  10. If our children are to be guests in your home, they will know that we expect them to behave there at least as well as they do at home.

And this above all: If you are concerned about what your children and ours together have done or seem likely to do, never hesitate to communicate their concerns to them or to us.

Executive Board

Parents' Association Executive Committee for 2018-2019
President Michelle Lewis
US VP Daria Ilunga
US VP Barbara Iannelli
MS VP Karine Rosenberg
MS VP Erin Texeira
LS VP (Co-Chair) Tasha Richards
LS VP (Co-Chair) Jill Tejani
Secretary, recording Heather Crowley
Secretary, corresponding Donna Tzivas
LS Secretary Jen Riguardi
US Treasurer Jill Manny
US Treasurer Prudence Chaiban
LS Treasurer Annisea Wong
Admissions Liaison Margaret Schilling

Parents' Association Class Representatives
Nursery Heather Broome, John Coffey, and Nick Yarmac
Pre K Sam Wright and Jaime Pessin
Kindergarten Dana Muldrow, Cindy Brea, Liz Melli, Jennifer Johnson, and Margo Jhaveri
First Marisa Gill, Amy Miller, and Shirley Lee
Second Jennifer Rosen and Susanna Chan
Third Shira Rosenman, Kim Hicks, Nicole Argentieri, and Gillian Dubin
Fourth Blake Foote, Alex Broenniman, Nina Hellman, and Mindy Greenberg
Fifth Danielle Basso, Jeanette Cochrane, Ryan Yaccarino, Denise Nicolaidis, Danielle Cochran, Lauren Warwick, and Judith Haut Sethi
Sixth Michele Rannie, Stacey Karp, Maya Bjorneby, Rachel Geisler, and Cathy Sarubbi
Seventh Amy Saivetz, Victoria Misrock-Stein, Kim Regan, Joey Netter, Alison Lille, and Catherine Wachtel
Eighth Eve Nikolopoulos, Jenny Wallier, Heidi Igoe, and Art Greco
Ninth Rachel Moskowitz, Flavia Corsalini, Michelle Kolmer, Esmerelda Merveille, Tara Lipton, and Marissa McMahon
Tenth Cabiria Rosado, Caroline Magnus, Nicole Gagnon, and Adriana Bloom
Eleventh Julie Baltimore, Marion Donovan, and Lorraine Freedhand
Twelfth Chris Rothermel and Suzanne Michaud

Poly Parents' Association Bylaws

Come and Help Out!

Would you like to become more involved at Poly?

The Parents' Association is always looking for volunteers.

Please e-mail Maureen Sapega P'99, '03, '07, Director of Advancement.
50 Prospect Park West, Brooklyn, New York 11215 | (718) 768-1103
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