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Volunteer Opportunities


There are many ways to get involved with parents at Poly.

You may make a long-term commitment with the Library or Admissions or, if you prefer not to serve on a year-long committee, you may want to help with a specific event, such as Homecoming, a sports dinner, or a concert reception. Additional volunteer opportunities change throughout the year, so please check back from time to time for details about upcoming events.

Volunteer Opportunities

Parents’  AssociationEvery parent/guardian is a member of the Parents' Association. Please join in and support all of the activities planned. Questions? Contact your grade representative.
Parent Annual Giving: Our goal is to make contact with every Poly family, offering them an opportunity to discuss their experience and understand the school’s culture of philanthropy. 
Admissions Office: Admissions is hoping to connect prospective parents with current parents at many events throughout the season. We will offer tours, open houses and panel discussions (at all hours of day and evening!) which would benefit greatly from the expertise of current parents. You do not have to have encyclopedic knowledge of Poly to volunteer in admissions! Sharing the stories from your family's experiences will have a lasting impact for prospective parents.
If you are interested in helping in admissions contact Rebekah Sollitto, Director of Admissions.
Library Volunteering: Help with shelving, book covering and other library tasks.
To help at LS Library contact Kristen Robb P'24, '26.
To help at the Joseph Dana Allen MS/US Library contact Lisa Puleo P'13, '15.
Listed below are other additional PA Parent volunteer opportunities:
The Poly Prep Store: Help set up and sell Poly merchandise at special events in our pop-up store.
Poly Prep Archives: Sort and catalog historical items documenting Poly’s history.
• Pumpkin Patch: Lower School PA organizes a delightful carnival of games, food, and pony rides that caters to Lower School families at Homecoming on Saturday, September 29, 2018.
• Gr. 5’s  “Freedom Festival”: Assist 5th Grade faculty with luncheon on Friday, February 15, 2019.
Gr. 6’s  “Ancient Civilizations Day”: Assist 6th Grade faculty with luncheon on Friday, March 15, 2019.
Gr. 8’s  “Moving Up” Day: Organize the class dance in the evening following Moving Up, June 14, 2019.
Arts Receptions: Parent volunteers help coordinate celebratory receptions during our performing and visual arts events
Poly and Poly’s students are deeply grateful for all the current and past parent volunteers who have made a significant difference in our school. They have immeasurably enriched the Poly experience for students, faculty, staff, and their parent peers.
For any additional information, please contact Maureen Sapega, Director of Advancement at ext. 3080.
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