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List of 31 members.

  • Photo of Audrius Barzdukas P'20

    Audrius Barzdukas P'20 

    Title: Head of School
    Business Phone: (718) 836-9800 ext. 3030
    Education: University of Virginia - BA, MEd
  • Photo of Courtney Archer-Buckmire '98

    Courtney Archer-Buckmire '98 

    Title: Director of Major Gifts
    Business Phone: (718) 836-9800 ext. 3090
    Education: William Smith College - BA
  • Photo of Sarah Bates

    Sarah Bates 

    Title: Head of Upper School
    Business Phone: (718) 836-9800, ext. 6513
    Education: University of Florida - BA
    Skidmore College - MA
  • Photo of Amie Bui P'28

    Amie Bui P'28 

    Title: Middle School Dean
    Business Phone: (718) 836-9800 ext. 6790
    Education: Colby College - BA
  • Photo of Hung Bui P'28

    Hung Bui P'28 

    Title: Associate Head of School, Chief Operating Officer
    Business Phone: (718) 836-9800 ext. 3020
    Education: Colby College - BA
    Carnegie Mellon - MBA
  • Photo of Kristin Cannon

    Kristin Cannon 

    Title: Director of Athletics
    Education: Assumption College - BA
    Springfield College - M.Ed.
  • Photo of Lynda Casarella

    Lynda Casarella 

    Title: Associate Director of Finance
    Business Phone: (718) 836-9800 ext. 3220
    Education: George Washington University - AS
    Salve Regina University - BS
    Salve Regina University - MBA
  • Photo of Peggy Cook

    Peggy Cook 

    Title: Chief Advancement Officer
    Business Phone: (718) 836-9800, ext. 3040
    Education: Georgetown University - BA
    Thunderbird School of Global Management - MS
  • Photo of Terell Cooper P'29

    Terell Cooper P'29 

    Title: Assistant Head of Lower School
    Business Phone: (718) 836-9800 ext. 6522
    Education: Amherst College - BA
    Bank Street Graduate School of Education - MSEd
  • Photo of Richard Corso

    Richard Corso 

    Title: Head of Athletics
    Business Phone: (718) 836-9800 ext. 3740
    Education: California State University - MA
    Southern Ct. State University - BA
  • Photo of Alexandra Davis

    Alexandra Davis 

    Title: Dean of Student Life
    Business Phone: 718.836.9800 Ext. 3130
  • Photo of Andre Del Valle Jr.

    Andre Del Valle Jr. 

    Title: Head of Middle School
    Business Phone: (718) 836-9800 Ext. 6210
  • Photo of Kristen Denaver P'20, '20

    Kristen Denaver P'20, '20 

    Title: Associate Director of Finance
    Business Phone: 718-836-9800, ext. 3330
    Education: College of Staten Island - BA
  • Photo of Brian Filiatraut

    Brian Filiatraut 

    Title: Director of Sustainability; Science (Upper School)
    Business Phone: (718) 836-9800 ext. 3120
    Education: University of Dayton - BS
    Columbia University - MPA
  • Photo of Alison Flannery P'31, '32

    Alison Flannery P'31, '32 

    Title: Assistant Head of Lower School
    Business Phone: (718) 836-9800, ext. 3555
    Education: Cornell University - BA
    Bank Street College of Education - MA
  • Photo of Emily Gardiner P'24

    Emily Gardiner P'24 

    Title: Upper School Dean
    Business Phone: (718) 836-9800, ext. 6031
    Education: Harvard University - AB
    Columbia University, Teacher's College - MA
  • Photo of Kyle Graham

    Kyle Graham 

    Title: Associate Head of School, Enrollment Management and Student Outcomes
    Business Phone: (718) 836-9800 ext. 3640
    Education: Hamilton College - BA
    New York University - MA
  • Photo of Michal Hershkovitz P'16, '18

    Michal Hershkovitz P'16, '18 

    Title: Assistant Head of School, Academics
    Business Phone: (718) 836-9800, ext. 3530
    Education: University of Michigan - BA
    Yale University - MA
    Columbia University - MPhil
  • Photo of Motoko Maegawa

    Motoko Maegawa 

    Title: Director of Diversity, Equity, and Social Justice
    Business Phone: (718) 836-9800, ext. 6260
    Education: Iowa State University - BS
    Oakland University - MA
  • Photo of Charles Polizano P'18

    Charles Polizano P'18 

    Title: Director of Technology; Computer Science Department Chair
    Business Phone: (718) 836-9800, ext. 3920
    Education: Brooklyn College - BS
    Saint Joseph's University - MS
  • Photo of Carrie Quigley

    Carrie Quigley 

    Title: Director of Summer Programs and External Learning
    Business Phone: (718) 836-9800 Ext. 3050
    Education: Smith College - B.A.
  • Photo of John Rankin

    John Rankin 

    Title: Assistant Head of School; English (Upper School)
    Business Phone: (718) 836-9800, ext. 3150
    Education: University of Dayton - BA
    Teachers College, Columbia University - MA
  • Photo of Michael Robinson

    Michael Robinson 

    Title: Head of Arts
    Business Phone: (718) 836-9800 ext. 6130
    Education: Bennington College - BA
    Goddard College - MFA
  • Photo of Vincent Rutuelo

    Vincent Rutuelo 

    Title: Director of Safety & Security
    Business Phone: (718) 836-9800, ext. 3860
    Education: SUNY Empire State College - BA
  • Photo of Maureen Sapega P'99, '03, '07

    Maureen Sapega P'99, '03, '07  

    Title: Director of Advancement
    Business Phone: (718) 836-9800, ext. 3080
    Education: New York University - BA
  • Photo of N. Elijah Sivin

    N. Elijah Sivin 

    Title: Director of Service Learning; History (Upper School)
    Business Phone: (718) 836-9800, ext. 6340
    Education: Brown University - BA, MAT
  • Photo of Jennifer Slomack

    Jennifer Slomack 

    Title: Director of Engagement and Communications
    Business Phone: (718) 836-9800 ext. 3230
    Education: The George Washington University - BA
  • Photo of Rebekah E. Sollitto P'29, '32

    Rebekah E. Sollitto P'29, '32 

    Title: Director of Admissions and Financial Aid
    Business Phone: (718) 836-9800 ext. 3554
    Education: Harvard University - BA
    Columbia University - MA
    Teachers College, Columbia University - MEd
  • Photo of Matt Stelluto

    Matt Stelluto 

    Title: Head of Operations
    Business Phone: (718) 836-9800 ext. 3280
  • Photo of Devon Winfield

    Devon Winfield 

    Title: Director of Human Resources
    Business Phone: (718) 836-9800 ext. 3051
    Education: University of Maryland Eastern Shore - BS
    New York Institute of Technology - MS
  • Photo of Francis Yasharian

    Francis Yasharian 

    Title: Head of Lower School
    Business Phone: (718) 768-1103 Ext. 3203
Organized as a not-for-profit corporation under the laws of the State of New York and granted 501(c)3 status by the IRS, Poly Prep Country Day School is governed by a Board of Trustees, consisting of alumni and parent volunteers, who provide strategic oversight and ensure that Poly Prep fulfills its educational mission.  The Board meets approximately once every two months throughout the school year.  Through Board committees—ranging from Education and Co-Curriculars to Development and Finance—the Board has frequent and regular campus contact with parents, alumni, and school administrators.

Poly Prep also benefits from the active support of a Parents’ Association, and an Alumni Association and its Board of Governors.

Board of Trustees 2019-2020

Chair:               Nicholas Gravante, Esq. ’78, P’20, ’23
Vice Chair:       Arnold F. Mascali ’84
Treasurer:       Robin L. Bramwell-Stewart ’86, P’16 
Secretary:        Andrew Foote P’27, ’29
Board Members
Indhira Arrington P’29, ’31
Lawrence S. Brandman ’78, P’16
Jeanne M. Cloppse ’84
Michael A. Correra ’87
Gary E. Hanna, Esq. ’84, P’22, ’22
Hans Humes P’15, ’21
Thomas Iannelli ’82, P’18, ’19, ’24
Sang Lee P’22, ’23
Michael Liburd P’21, ’24
Stephen Maharam P’25
Kristerfor Mastronardi ’95
Cassandra Metz P’26
Jennifer Powers P’26,’28
Jennifer J. Ramberg P’26, ’27, ’28
Kareem Raymond P’31, ’33
John J. Regan ’86, P’23, ’24
Wade E. Saadi, Jr. ’95 
Robert G. Sabbagh ’87, P’27, ’30
Elizabeth R. Schlesinger P’28, ’30, ’32
Irwin Simon P’18, ’22
Maxwell T. Wiley P’18, ’21
Daniela Vitale-Howell P’20, ’23, ’25
Alexandra Maresca Azara ’00, P’33 (Pres. Alumni Board of Governors)
Trustees Emeriti
Clifford Barr, Esq. ’48
Dr. Karen Burke Goulandris P’15
Harry J. Petchesky, Esq. ’55
50 Prospect Park West, Brooklyn, New York 11215 | (718) 768-1103
9216 Seventh Avenue, Brooklyn, New York 11228 | (718) 836-9800