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ERB Exams

We are administering the ERBs (CTP-5) exams the Monday to Wednesday, December 17 to 19 during the first three periods of the school day, 8:30 AM to 10:45 AM. The results of the ERBs are used for a variety of reasons that include examining our students’ performance and making adjustments to our curriculum as needed. We do not encourage advanced preparation for these exams as that will not give us a true assessment of our students' abilities.
The ERBs are also used as a part of the placement process for our advanced math program that begins in Grade 7 and our advanced science program that begins in Grade 9. We use all sections of the ERB exams (math, quantitative and verbal reasoning, vocabulary, and reading comprehension) to help us determine the proper placement for students who apply to our advanced programs. Students are encouraged to give their best effort when taking these assessments. Our goal is to provide a low-stress environment that allows our students to experience standardized testing.
Please be sure that your children have a good breakfast and arrive on time to school for the exam days. Students will return to their regular class schedule after testing ends, and there will be no other assessments given in classes that week.
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