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Freedom from Bias

Park Slope campus, Hulbert Room

Freedom from Bias
 is a Poly parent initiative to grow together as a community. It is very powerful to see so many of us engaged now - working toward this goal. 
Our next Freedom gathering is Thursday, February 21, 8:45 AM
Motoko Maegawa, Poly's new Director of Diversity, Equity, and Social Justice, has prepared the wealth of materials listed below. Feel free to pick and choose, and focus on those which speak to you most. There are several short articles, and a two-minute video. They offer a variety of perspectives on the subjects of Implicit Bias and Racism. And remember, please attend even if you have not read a word!
Understanding Implicit Bias - takes more concentration to absorb than most of the others, so turn down the radio for a minute or two...
This is Why Blackface is Offensive - an enlightening explanation of the historical context of our current trouble and pain.
Do Conversations About Race Belong in the Classroom? -  an interview with Beverly Daniel Tatum on her seminal work on the psychology of racism. 
Anti-Racist Parenting While White: An Inquiry - shows how four white families approach anti-racist parenting.
The Stress of Parenting While Black Can Take a Toll on Mental Health - reveals the thoughts of some parents of color as they make parenting decisions. It also contains excellent embedded links to the scholarly research that backs up why these decisions are necessary. 
Reading Race: Pro-active Conversations With Young Children - may be more relevant for those of us with kindergartners & younger, but it connects with themes that endure...
Implicit Bias: Peanut Butter, Jelly and Racism - a great, very short video, that paints a vivid picture of this confounding issue.
Teen Vogue - uses the 2018 incident at the Philadelphia Starbucks to talk about implicit bias
Ten Things Everyone Should Know About Race - names race as a construct, yet acknowledges its great power within that context.
We look forward to seeing you at our next Freedom from Bias gathering : Thursday, February 21, 8:45 AM, Poly Prep Lower School
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