• Poly Prep

Middle School Play

Richard Perry Theatre

Poly's Middle School actors present A Midsummer Night’s Dream by William Shakespeare in the Richard  Perry Theatre at 7 PM.

The origins of A Midsummer Night’s Dream date somewhere between 1594-1596. This means that Shakespeare wrote it after Romeo & Juliet (but before he started working on The Merchant of Venice), so the sub-plot of “Pyramus and Thisby” was, undoubtedly, Shakespeare’s way of poking fun at his own work. The show has been produced all over the world in many different forms: as a play, as an opera, as a ballet, and perhaps most notably, Henry Purcell’s 1692 opera The Fairy Queen. Even during the Puritanical ban on drama in England from 1642-1660, many acrobatic acts, juggling acts, and droll troupes used the plot of Midsummer as the premise for their performances, which were still allowed. That it has stood the test of time all throughout the world and continues to be widely produced to this day speaks only to the sheer genius of the play. When I decided to produce Midsummer again this year at Poly, I wanted to try fusing ballet into the production. I was thrilled to bring my friend and colleague, Dani Bensky, on board to help bring that magic to life. 

I hope you have as much fun watching this classic as we did re-creating it.

Jill Bolstridge

Cast (In Order of Appearance)
Alida Lissak: Theseus
Anais D’Haene: Hippolyta
Chantal Guthrie: Philostrate
Nyla Liburd: Egeus
Khari Freeman: Demetrius
James Brandmeyer: Lysander
Genevieve Fitzpatrick: Hermia
Jennifer Lavagnino-Sisk: Helena
JoJo Nicolois: Peter Quince
Niko Menegatos: Nick Bottom
Antonio DiNatale: Francis Flute
Janelle Bobb: Robin Starveling
Lea Glass: Tom Snout
Fiona Stephenson: Snug the Joiner
Selah Ilunga-Reed: Peaseblossom
Nyla Liburd: Cobweb
Chantal Guthrie: Moth
Ella Lille Yerington: Mustardseed
Marie Culmine & Maeve Igoe: Fairies
Max Prutsalis: Puck
MaKiyah Turner-Hicks: Oberon
Katie Lopez: Titania


Summer Lee Jack: Costume Designer
Brenna McShane: Assistant Costume Designer
Junie Blaise & Kristine Tan  Costume Crew
Giulio Basilico, Abe Herzog, Owen Samra & Owen Ten-Oever: Run Crew
William Howell: Sound Board Operator
Cinthya Sanchez: Light Board Operator
Mati Hassan: Poster Design/Program Cover
Alexandra Nava-Baltimore: Cast Head Shots Photographer
Guy Devyatkin: Show Photography
Bob Burke: Show Videography
Linda Busetti & William Rosario  Publicity

Admission is a pay-what-you-will cash donation, collected at the door. 

Proceeds benefit For Animals, a rescue group and shelter.

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9216 Seventh Avenue, Brooklyn, New York 11228 | (718) 836-9800