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US Assembly: Rienzi

Memorial Chapel

The Rienzi is Poly's World Languages & Classics' Poetry Competition. It takes place every year in February (US) and March (MS). In the US, the students learn a poem in the target language and recite it in front of their class. The best interpreter of each class participates in the finals, from which a winner for each level is chosen by the World Languages & Classics teachers. The Rienzi Poetry Chapel is the culmination of this work, a showcase of the talented students that are able to memorize, understand, and perform the poem for the whole school. The Rienzi has been part of Poly's academic culture for over 15 consecutive years. It was named for Kathy Rienzi, a beloved French teacher who taught legions of students during the decades she taught at Poly. The theme for the Rienzi 2019 is Creation & Destruction. For every year's program, a group of special guests also bring voice to poetry in languages other than those taught at Poly.
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