• Poly Prep

Talking to Teens & Adolescents about Internet Safety and Social Media

Memorial Chapel
This parent presentation is designed to educate parents on the dangers that children face every day in their online life and provide them with parenting strategies in this hyper digital age. Increasing our comfort and awareness on these issues will enable parents to be more involved in their children's online usage resulting in increased communication and safety. Additionally, Liz will give parents practical, technical knowledge on the apps and devices that children use every day. RSVP for this informative evening!

Topics addressed include:
  • Online predators: how predators connect with teens online
  • Cyber bullying: being a bystander, as well as an upstander, with several examples of how they can identify the situation and support a victim of online bullying
  • Overexposure: the permanency of online posts, the implications of inappropriate posts, and creating a positive digital footprint
  • Sexting: what it is, consequences of it, possible solutions for groups of students to prevent the actions before they receive the sext
  • Social media: what it is, what advantages and positives it provides teens, and pitfalls of it
  • Online gaming: what are the dangers and suggestions to implement in the home to increase safety
  • Making Good Decisions: helping your kids make good choices when they encounter problems online and how to create heathy tech usage at home

Liz will also be addressing Middle School students on Tuesday, March 5 in their morning assembly and then again in breakout groups for 5/6th graders and 7/8th graders. Parent discussion guides will be sent to families the week prior.
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