• Poly Prep

Freedom from Chemical Dependency Meeting

Gazzani Terrace Conference Room
Join us on Tuesday, April 30, 6:30 PM to 8:00 PM at the Gazzani Terrace Conference Room for a parent meeting led by Freedom from Chemical Dependency (FCD) as they help us navigate through these tough teenage years.  FCD will be speaking to our Middle School and Upper School children throughout the week.

Research shows that parent involvement is a key component of effective prevention of chemical dependency. Children whose parents talk to them about alcohol and other drugs are less likely to use them. Parents need to understand the unique and positive role they can play in keeping kids drug-free during adolescence, and in supporting the school’s prevention efforts.

FCD Parent Meeting will include ways to:
  • Help parents understand the essential role they play in keeping their kids drug-free during childhood and adolescence
  • Help parents understand the importance of modeling healthy, appropriate attitudes and behaviors for kids
  • Provide parents with the latest facts about addiction and the mental and physical effects of alcohol and other drugs; clear up misinformation
  • Explain the risk factors for addiction and dispel myths and misconceptions about adolescent drug use.
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