Staff - Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Is working at a camp as valuable as getting a summer internship?

    Working at a camp is both an amazing experience and an amazing resume builder.  Behind all of its fun, camp is a serious business that cultivates a valuable skill set in its employees.  If you love to work hard, think outside the box, serve as a leader, and care for those around you, you may wish to choose the camp job over the summer internship.  Ultimately, you can translate your camp employment into an impressive resume for your future employer.
  • What considerations are important why applying to work at a camp?

    Successful camp counselors are compassionate, cooperative, and enthusiastic individuals. They look for opportunities to engage with others, and they find joy in helping kids make friends, face their fears, try new things, and feel safe. “Connection” is the key word at camp, and all camp staff are expected to make this the priority during employment.
  • How many staff work at Poly Summer?

    Each summer, we employ over 225 teachers, coaches, specialists, counselors, and staff.  Staff ages range from 16 through “very experienced” adults. The average age of our summer staff is 25 years old.
  • What will my typical day be like at Poly Prep Summer?

    Our staff members set the tone for each camp day, and therefore arrive earlier than both campers and students. All staff members must arrive by 8:15 AM, and may leave after campers have departed, by approximately 4:00 PM each day. Staff members are involved in all camper activities including lunch, and they work across divisions to support camper engagement, happiness, and safety.  Weekly staff meetings are required at a time to be determined by each division head.
  • Will I need to bring a lunch?

    If you are a staff member for  any one of our full-day camp programs, your employment includes free access to a nutritious and delicious lunch including salads, fresh fruit, and barbecue days. Counselors serve and sit with their campers and are expected to supervise while at lunch.
  • What do staff wear?

    Your personal appearance is important. While we are happy that Poly Prep Summer is a social experience, we remind employees that they have been hired as professionals in our programs.  As such, all staff are required to wear their staff T-shirt on a daily basis.  Additionally, staff must wear sneakers as it models the expectation we place on our campers for safety.  Staff should wear casual or athletic shorts that are mid-thigh or longer.  Staff members that are not in uniform or inappropriately dressed may be sent home for the day without compensation.
  • Will there be staff training before the first day of camp?

    You will be required to complete 8-10 hours of staff training in June, which will cover all aspects of camp and what will be expected of you in your specific role as a staff member. Staff training also gives you an opportunity to get to know other staff and for all of us to form a strong and supportive community going into the camp season.  
  • What responsibilities will I have?

    Each position in camp comes with daily responsibilities for which you will be held accountable. We invest significant time into choosing the right person for each position and we will support you in your position to do a great job. To reach our goal of providing our campers with the safest, happiest, healthiest, and most fun-filled summer, it requires a fully committed staff, both individually and collectively.  Working with some children will challenge you to be at your best and although this job isn’t easy, it is fun and rewarding. Whether you are looking to build your experience working with children or as part of an integral team, or you love being outdoors, a summer here at Poly Prep is an experience that will prove to be invaluable and memorable for a lifetime!
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