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Our Vision for Upper School Education

In the Upper School (Grades 9-12), Poly prepares students for success in college, universities, and professional careers. We both challenge and nurture students academically. We also emphasize writing and critical thinking because these 21st century skills are vital to success after graduation. In providing the foundation of a liberal education, our larger goal is to teach a respect for the intellect, the power of knowledge, the joy of the imagination, and the method of reason.

Although the Upper School curriculum is built on the tradition of a Liberal Arts education, the Upper School also encourages innovation, interdisciplinary inquiry, and student “ownership” of learning. Our central aim is to provide our students with a capacity to interpret the world through texts, grasp and appreciate scientific inquiry, gain mastery of a world language, confront the logic of quantitative reasoning, understand the sweep and scope of historical concepts, internalize the sensibilities of literary texts, and find real assurance of self as writer, researcher, and thinker.

Finally, of course, in keeping with our mission, we also encourage students to think imaginatively, develop ethical standards, and act with character.
Poly Takes Students on an Intellectual and Moral Adventure

Taught by committed and highly qualified faculty, our Upper School curriculum offers a rich and intellectually challenging variety of courses and programs in a strong college preparatory curriculum. Our distribution requirements and core curriculum ensure that all students experience a rigorous and balanced curriculum in core academic subjects, including the arts and physical education.

As students progress through their studies, they become increasingly independent and creative, with an abiding respect for the power of ideas and the confidence of their own judgments. And while we appreciate with Emerson that all learning is in the end individual, success with our curriculum prepares students for what lies ahead in academic and professional life, and leaves them with a richer and more refined knowledge of themselves as learners and ethical leaders in the world.

As students select courses, advisors, faculty, deans, and other mentors will encourage them to excel and take risks, while also helping them to select offerings appropriate to their strengths, interests, and plans.

Poly Fosters Advanced Study, Too

Especially in the junior and senior years, students may choose from an extensive array of electives. A research course in science and mathematics and an independent study program allow select students to pursue in-depth areas of particular interest and ability.

With departmental approval, students may pursue more specialized and advanced intellectual interests by arranging for independent study on a specific topic within a discipline or on a subject that crosses disciplines.

For qualified students, Advanced Placement (AP) courses are also offered in all major disciplines. Students entering Form III (9th Grade) may apply to take the Special Advanced Program in Science and Mathematics.

Each senior also enages in a capstone research and presentation experience, known as the "Senior Plan."  Presentations take place at the end of the spring term in front of a panel of three faculty judges.  Students are encouraged to pursue a topic about which they are passionate, and many produce the equivalent of major college-level paper or project.

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