At Poly, our Upper School believes in a student-centric view of education.  Enouraging students to explore, research, investigate, encounter, collaborate, and lead is essential value.
Upper School students participate in Poly’s extensive after-school program of activities because such peer-to-peer and peer-to-mentor interaction is vital to the Poly experience.  Advising, homeroom, and "Form" time are also key components of the non-academic portion of our exciting and intellectually challenging Upper School program. 

Under the guidance of Form Deans, advisors, their teachers, student leaders and each other, Poly students can access an extensive suport network that enables them to take important developmental and intellectual risks in a safe and caring environment.

Learning Beyond the Classroom Walls

Upper School clubs and activities range include African Dance Club, AIDS Awareness Club, the New York Math League team, Photography Club, the Polygon (student newspaper), sports, instrumental music groups, the Women's Rights Club, the Honor Council, the Poly Arts Journal, and performing arts groups.

Poly also offers study abroad experiences including from spring or winter break trips to Cambodia and Costa Rica, summer trips to Italy, Spain, and China and exchange programs with schools in Argentina and France.

We also provie a small but growing number of internships (internally with our Gray Key Society) and (externally with partner organizations) to help students preview select professional career options and the world of 21st century work and skills.

Poly Fosters Character & Service
Service learning and community service are fundamental parts of the Upper School experience at Poly, with students planning and leading many community service initiatives.

Poly Is Student Leaders

Poly Prep's Upper School also encourages student leadership in many ways, among which is Upper School student government. (For Poly Prep's mission, which includes student leadership as a central goal, click here.)

Clubs & Activities

Encouraging students to explore, research, investigate, encounter, collaborate, and lead is an essential value.  Upper School clubs and activities provide an ideal forum for student leadership, self-discovery, and the mastery of 21st century skills and entrepreneurship.

Upper School clubs and activities range include African Dance Club, AIDS Awareness Club, the New York Math League team, Photography Club, the 
Polygon (student newspaper), sports, instrumental music groups, the Women's Rights Club, the Honor Council, and performing arts groups.

Upper School Chapel

Upper School students gather together with faculty and staff each Tuesday and Friday morning in Memorial Chapel during the academic year for an assembly called “Upper School Chapel.” Chapel is a non-denominational meeting that serves as a forum for discussion, a place for students to hear invited speakers, a chance for students to perform for their peers, and a time for announcements.  Chapel programs vary, but all are designed to strengthen the Poly community by providing a shared experience on a weekly basis. 

List of Upper School Clubs & Activities

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  • Action Alzheimer's

    Name of Faculty Advisor(s): Ms. Nakos
    Action Alzheimer's hopes to raise awareness and fundraise to support the National Alzheimer's Association which hopes to find a cure through medical research. We plan to do this by organizing fun events that will bring the Poly community together.
  • Aids Awareness

    Name of Faculty Advisor(s): Ms. Reaves
    To spread awareness about HIV and AIDs and to fundraise towards finding a cure.
  • Art Club

    Name of Faculty Advisor(s): Keith Mendak
    Art Club's goal is to provide students with time designated to being creative. With our busy schedules and overly structured days, students need unstructured time to unwind and let themselves be creative.
  • Asia Society

    Name of Faculty Advisor(s): Mr. Rearick
    We hope to increase our knowledge and exposure to the multitude of unique cultures in Asia to expand our horizons and perspectives.
  • Athlete Ally

    Name of Faculty Advisor(s): Ryan Rockmore
    Athlete Ally is a nonprofit organization to end homophobia and transphobia in sports and educate athletic communities to stand up against anti-LGBT discrimination.
  • Bee Club

    Name of Faculty Advisor(s): Runako Taylor
    To raise awareness about growing Bee mortality rates, as well as show students joys of bee keeping, and their importance in the ecosystem.
  • Blue Notes

    Name of Faculty Advisor(s): Mr. Doughty
    The Blue Notes is Poly's all-male acapella ensemble.
  • Cambodia Club

    Name of Faculty Advisor(s): Dr. Dillon and Mr. Rockmore
    We aim to educate those in our club about the history of Cambodia as well as how it continues to affect the country today--especially through the lenses of the students that attend our sister school in Cambodia.
  • Caribbean Culture Club

    Name of Faculty Advisor(s): Ms. Freeman
    Caribbean Culture Club seeks to ripen the bond between Poly students of the Caribbean community, as well as those who do not share the same heritage, by building a network of students who care.
  • Chess Club

    Name of Faculty Advisor(s): Dr. Gini
    To help develop young potential chess players mind and create a love for the game in those who are interested
  • Connect Effect

    Name of Faculty Advisor(s): Ms. Bennett
    Our mission is to form a relationship between kids with autism and kids without, so they could have more of a real life experience.
  • Current Events Club

    Name of Faculty Advisor(s): Mr. Lambert
    We strive to dissect news from around the world every week in order to maintain a more informed student body.
  • Do Something

    Name of Faculty Advisor(s): Ms Slomack
    To teach students how to get involved in any issue or injustice that they think matters.
  • Environmental Club

    Name of Faculty Advisor(s): Dr. Hauck-Lawson
    We hope to maintain and tend to the greenhouse and raised beds while supporting sustainability efforts at Poly
  • FCA

    Name of Faculty Advisor(s): Bill McNally
    Fellowship of Christian Athletes is a space for christians and non christians to have a sense of community and togetherness. 
  • Finance Club

    Name of Faculty Advisor(s): Mr. Larose / Mr. Nolan
    To teach students about basic financial concepts and discuss current economical and financial issues.
  • Fishing Club

    Name of Faculty Advisor(s): Mr. Feldman & Coach Sweet
    The goal of this club is to bring fishermen, fisherwomen, and aspiring fishermen/women together and allow them to share their passion for the sport with others.
  • Freshman Recycling Squad

    Name of Faculty Advisor(s): Whitney Davidson
    We promote the recycling of paper and cardboard across the Middle and Upper school campuses!
  • Gender and Sexuality Association

  • Girl Effect

    Name of Faculty Advisor(s): Mr. Lee
    "We exist to create a new normal with and for girls. When a girl has self-belief and is supported by her family and community; when she's empowered with skills, ideas and knowledge; when she has access to services, role models and other girls: when she is visible and vocal - she can demand to stay in school, to get healthcare, and to get married and have children when she chooses.  We work with girls and those around them to create active champions of a world in which she reaches her full potential and the cycle of poverty is broken."
  • Girls Who Code

    Name of Faculty Advisor(s): Jean Belford
    To provide a welcoming environment for girls interested in STEM
  • Harmonics

    Name of Faculty Advisor(s): Ms. Nestor
    Poly's all female a Capella  group.  We create beautiful music with our mouths. We are the real life version of Pitch Perfect.  Aca-awesome!
  • Hip Hop Appreciation Club

    Name of Faculty Advisor(s): Patrick Livingstone
    We aim to fully appreciate the art and culture of hip-hop, while maintaining intellectual and recreational goals.
  • Honor Council

    Name of Faculty Advisor(s): Ms. Raska
    To maintain the importance of the Honor Code at Poly dealing with no cheating, stealing or lying.  If a breach is committed by a student, that student will come before the Honor Council for their actions to be fairly assessed and prevented.  The student will come out of the meeting with an clarified understanding of the Honor Code.
  • Ink Drinkers

    Name of Faculty Advisor(s): Ms. Gardiner & Mr. Larose
    We want a space for intellectuals and curious minds alike to be able to discuss provocative/new works that we would otherwise not have a chance to discuss in class.
  • Japanese Film Club

  • Jewish Caucus

    Name of Faculty Advisor(s): Ms. Hershkovitz
    Jewish Caucus is Poly's affinity space for Jewish students to discuss personal experiences with Jewish history and culture, as well as share stories about the experiences of Jewish students at Poly.
  • Kids Walk For Kids with Cancer

    Name of Faculty Advisor(s): Sarah Bates
    Support research for kids cancer at memorial Sloan Kettering.
  • Knitting Club

    Name of Faculty Advisor(s): Dr. Dillon
    Knitting club will basically be a place to relax and just knit whatever you want, but if you don't have any personal projects to knit, you can just (learn how to) knit a hat, scarf, gloves, or a piece of a blanket to donate to the homeless.
  • L.E.AD.

    Name of Faculty Advisor(s): Ms. Coppola
    L.E.A.D was created to provide the Poly community with opportunities to have thought provoking conversations in safe spaces. The goal of L.E.A.D is to create lasting bonds with people who are different from ourselves through meaningful and personal dialogue.
  • Math Club

    Name of Faculty Advisor(s): Ms. Liao
    We hope to explore a practical application of math to maybe influence kids' future careers and such. We want to engage kids through math games and competitions and show people that math really is fun and for everyone!
  • Men's Volleyball

    Name of Faculty Advisor(s): Mr. Lee
    To allow boys to play the amazing sport of volleyball and have a great time. Volleyball is not available for men at Poly. Many boys at poly love volleyball and this is a great opportunity to allow them to have a great time laying a new sport.
  • Model UN

    Name of Faculty Advisor(s): Mr. Miller
    This club will discuss issues of international relations/ foreign policy. We also will attend one or more Model UN conference(s) in the spring. 
  • PASS (Poly Alliance for Sexual Safety)

    Name of Faculty Advisor(s): Ms. Nestor
    Our mission is to promote a safe space where we can both educate students about sexual abuse and sex trafficking, while also promoting safe sexual relations.
  • Peer Tutoring

    Name of Faculty Advisor(s): Maria DiCarlo
    To ensure students have an outlet for help academically in the form of a peer.
  • Poly African Dance and Drum Club

    Name of Faculty Advisor(s): Angela Gittens
    The Poly African Dance & Drum Club is a combined Middle & Upper School dance group that aims to teach students about the dances, rhythms, and cultures belonging to peoples of Africa and the Diaspora. With a primary focus on the West African region, students develop strength & agility and pride & character as they aim to learn about the significance of traditional and contemporary movement forms.
  • Poly Arts Journal

    Name of Faculty Advisor(s): Sousan Hammad & Jordana Schulman
    The Poly Arts Journal exhibits the remarkable work of students, to promote the exchange and cultivation of art. The compilation demonstrates the power of the imaginative mind and the beauty of originality.
  • Poly Prep Girl Up

    Name of Faculty Advisor(s): Dr. Delaney & Ms. Whalen
    The Girl Up chapter at Poly Prep aims to empower girls (and boys) to be active leaders in their community, in addition to advocating for the rights of girls in Girl Up's six focus countries, ensuring every girl has the opportunity to get an education and become leaders in their own communities.
  • Poly Prep Ski/Snowboard Club

    Name of Faculty Advisor(s): Mr. Lee
    To bring together members of the community who share a common interest in winter sports.
  • Project FOCUS

    Name of Faculty Advisor(s): Mr. Taylor
    Project F.O.C.U.S, is a non profit, student run organization, with our main goal being to provide local public elementary and middle school students around Brooklyn with instruction, mentorship, and guidance in academia, athletics, and both visual and performing arts.
  • Science Olympiad

    Name of Faculty Advisor(s): Joshua Rutberg
    To represent the school at science competitions.
  • Speak Now

    Name of Faculty Advisor(s): Ms. Gomez
    To give students the platform to share their voice through Spoken Word.
  • Special Olympics Club

    Name of Faculty Advisor(s): Bill McNally
    To spread awareness about intellectual disabilities and support the Special Olympics through fundraising and hosting events for their athletes.
  • Spike Ball Club

    Name of Faculty Advisor(s): Mr. Sarcos
    Spike it like you mean it.
  • Step Team

    Name of Faculty Advisor(s): Mandy Pabon
    The purpose of the Step Teams of Poly Prep is to perform at major events and chapels by using our bodies to create complex rhythms and sounds, which is a tradition, rooted in African American culture. Our mission is to promote unity, discipline, and good sportsmanship within the Poly community. Pieces are choreographed to illustrate these ideals while incorporating Poly's mission of building character.
  • Student Government

    Name of Faculty Advisor(s): Ryan Rockmore and Elijah Sivin
    "It is the mission of Student Government, through honest representation, to proactively improve the quality of life of the students by supporting and cultivating their diversity and by inspiring students to take ownership of their community."
  • Sustainability Club

    Name of Faculty Advisor(s): Brian Filiatraut
    Sustainability Club is dedicated to environmental improvements that support a sustainable future and lead to social and economical improvements in our community, and generate global leaders in the race against climate change.
  • The Human Rights Intensive

    Name of Faculty Advisor(s): Dan Heijman
    The Human Rights Intensive (HRI) is a club at Poly that seeks to engage Poly students in learning about current global human rights issues and their potential role in bringing an end to violations of human rights, domestically and abroad. Every month, the club members vote on a human rights issue that they feel they want to explore, become more knowledgeable about, and hear diverse perspectives on. Members will be able to hear from guest speakers with particular relevance to the issues we will study, and through their insight, members of HRI will gain a greater understanding of what the problems are and how to address them responsibly. Each month, our topic of focus will end with a culminating project of the membersäó» choice. This could be an awareness raising video, a zine, a policy document, a trip, etcäó_ It is our intention to learn about vulnerable populations responsibly and to make sure that the service we commit ourselves to is sustainable and informed.
  • The Polygon

    Name of Faculty Advisor(s): Dr. Dillon & Mr. Larose
    The Polygon is the school's newspaper.  (Prior to 1914 the school paper was called the Pollywog.)  The Polygon has two primary goals:  to inform the community and to teach journalistic techniques and ethics.  It strives to present important issues accurately and fairly, to adhere to the highest standards of integrity, and to help students learn how to write, edit, and lay out news stories.  Since the editors are aware that readership includes students from the fifth to the twelfth grades as well as faculty, parents, alumni and prospective students, the Polygon seeks to address all high school issues with candor and justice.
  • The Speech and Debate Team

    Name of Faculty Advisor(s): Mrs. White
    We strive to help students achieve their potentials as thinkers, speakers, and leaders.
  • Umoja

    Name of Faculty Advisor(s): Ms. Reaves
    To discuss and enlighten the minds of those who want to learn and understand the current events affecting African Americans both positive and negative.
  • UNICEF Club

    Name of Faculty Advisor(s): Dana Catharine
  • Unidad De Las Razas

    Name of Faculty Advisor(s): Senora Iracheta
    To create conversations between people from different backgrounds and unify together as one whole family.
  • War Child

    Name of Faculty Advisor(s): Ms. Bennett
    Raising awareness and aid for child soldiers and child victims of war.
  • Yearbook

    Name of Faculty Advisor(s): Mr. Mendak and Mr. Herwitt
    Yearbook is a club that meets every Saturday and some days during the week to create the school's yearbook.
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