• Poly Prep

Dean System

Each incoming freshman is assigned a dean who remains with your child throughout his or her high school career.

Your dean will be your family’s advocate and direct contact to Poly, providing highly individualized guidance and support. They will manage course scheduling, meet with faculty, support co-curricular endeavors, recommend extracurricular opportunities, monitor progress and growth, and support your child and family in planning for college and beyond.

As your student travels through Upper School, expect to receive invitations for meetings at key junctures, as well as other communications about your child’s progress. Your dean will provide you with a comprehensive and informed perspective about your child’s life at Poly and is the person you should call whenever you have a question about any aspect of your child's school experience.

An advantage of this dean system is to make the college planning process a four-year endeavor. While each student will have a dedicated dean as their main counselor, the entire dean team will meet weekly to review, strategize, and support your child so that every student benefits from each dean’s collegiate expertise and their collective wisdom.

Upper School Advisory

At Poly, each Upper School student is assigned to an “advisory section,” a unit of approximately eight students and one advisor. In a normal week, advisories meet three times in “homeroom” for attendance and quick “housekeeping” tasks—such as discussing any upcoming changes to the Upper School schedule, verifying all students are in dress code, and handling any urgent issues that might arise for a student. Advisories also meet for a longer advisory period on a bi-weekly basis. following a wellness curriculum that focuses on topical issues, relationships, responsibility, decision-making, and empowerment.

Advisories remain intact for the grades 9-11, enabling the creation of strong peer-to-advisor and peer-to-peer bonds. Advisors also seek to ensure that their advisees understand that all individuals ultimately have a shared responsibility to both themselves and the communities to which they belong.

Upper School Deans

List of 5 members.

  • Sarah Bates 

    Title: Upper School Dean
    Business Phone: (718) 836-9800, ext. 6513
    Education: University of Florida - BA
    Skidmore College - MA
  • Emily Gardiner P'24 

    Title: Upper School Dean
    Business Phone: (718) 836-9800, ext. 6031
    Education: Harvard University - AB
    Columbia University, Teacher's College - MA
  • Jamie Nestor 

    Title: Upper School Dean
    Business Phone: (718) 836-9800, ext. 6270
    Education: Boston University - BS
    Boston University - BA
    Teacher's College, Columbia University - MA
  • Nat Smitobol P'33 

    Title: Upper School Dean
    Business Phone: 718.836.9800 ext. 3645
    Education: Skidmore College - BA
    New York University - MA
  • Runako Taylor 

    Title: Upper School Dean
    Business Phone: (718) 836-9800 ext. 6180
    Education: CUNY, Hunter College - BA
    Professional Certificate to teach Latin in NYS
    CUNY, Hunter College - MA
50 Prospect Park West, Brooklyn, New York 11215 | (718) 768-1103
9216 Seventh Avenue, Brooklyn, New York 11228 | (718) 836-9800