We do not tolerate racism or prejudice in our school or in our communities. We took immediate action as soon as we learned of a highly offensive video, taken years ago, being circulated on our campus. It was an egregious violation of our community values and code of conduct. As a matter of privacy, we don't discuss disciplinary status with anyone except the student and parents involved. On Friday, we held our annual assemblies to celebrate the life and legacy of Dr. King, and his commitment to teaching, choosing the hard right as opposed to the easy wrong, and relentless optimism in the pursuit of social justice, despite encountering overwhelming reasons to turn pessimistic. We challenged our community to follow Dr. King’s example and seek to bring his dream to life. Our Upper School African-American student affinity group expressed their concerns and requests for positive change in certain areas related to race, diversity, and social justice at Poly. They led a walkout and sit-in of students that was extraordinarily powerful and empowering. We embrace our students’ desire for positive change and support their thoughtfulness in delivering their messages, constructive dissent, strong actions, and civil disobedience in pursuit of a higher good. Our entire school administration and faculty are committed to working with them and will continue our school’s dialogue to bring positive change to our community.
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