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Eliza Jimenez

Eliza Jimenez

  • History Faculty
  • 718-836-9800
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  • Dyker Heights
  • Middle School, Upper School

“I knew Poly was a place where I wanted to learn and grow as a person and an educator.”

Before coming to Poly in 2020, Eliza taught world history and comparative government and politics at King’s Academy, a boarding school outside of Amman, Jordan. “Coming from a setting with a student body and faculty from 40 different countries,” Eliza says, “it was very important for me to work at a school that welcomed and celebrated a diversity of identities and experiences.” Her interest in studying history began with her high school American history class and says that “studying and engaging with history completely changed for me when I started to conduct research and truly dig deeply into topics that felt both interesting and relevant to me. Based on this experience as a student, I strive to give students choice and agency alongside teaching skills and content that do not rely on lectures.” Eliza graduated from Bates College in 2018 Magna Cum Laude with a bachelor’s degree in Political Science and Government, Educational Studies.