Upper and Middle School Major Awards 2024

It’s awards season at Poly!

The Middle and Upper School Major Awards are presented to students whose hard work during the year has been exemplary. We salute them for their dedication to learning, service, creativity, athleticism, character, and scholarship. Please join us in congratulating them!

Middle School Major Awards

Middle School Major Awards were presented at an assembly on June 10. Middle School students were honored for their curiosity, compassion, love of learning, academic performance, and extracurricular activities!

Congratulations to the Middle School Major Awards recipients:

  • Marie Corkhill Award: Sophia Crath ’31 and Hudson Williams ’31
  • Maryanna Sheller Award: Lucas Betita ’30 and Caroline Phillips ’30
  • Ralph K. Dupee Award: Fiona Inamoto ’29 and Brendon Merchant ’29
  • Marjorie Bull Award: Arhan Sengupta ’28
  • Myron Ruckstull Award: Lalitha Jayaram ’28
Upper School Major Awards

Upper School Major Awards were presented on May 30. Congratulations to students who were honored for their hard work, dedication to learning, athleticism, and scholarship.

Congratulations to the Upper School Major Awards honorees:

  • Joseph Dana Allen Award: William Ling-Regan ’24 and Marisa Triola ’24
  • Williams Prize for Intellectual Curiosity: Chantal Guthrie ’24
  • Poly Cup: Lulu McDonald ’24
  • School Service Award: Michael Gabriel ’24
  • Creativity Prize: Zeke Wise ’24
  • Scull Plaque: Ava Rosario’24 and Abe Herzog ’24
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