Our Middle School curriculum is designed to allow students to come to know themselves as unique members of a learning community. Poly Prep’s academic program provides a broad base of fundamental skills and content knowledge that foster intellectual curiosity and habits of mind.

  • Computer Science

    In our Computer Science classes and state-of-the-art Maker Space, students apply their creativity, problem-solving skills, and communication tools to explore new languages, engineer and design 3-D solutions, develop multi level understanding of the internet and social media, use hands-on technologies such as robotics and microcontrollers, and explore the expanding universe of artificial intelligence. The language of computers is one of Poly’s fastest growing and most exciting fields of inquiry — and our digital-savvy students are its natural interlocutors. Poly’s Middle School Computer Science curriculum prepares students to leverage technology tools to promote efficiency and productivity in their studies, and as a means of enhancing collaboration with peers. As students progress, they are introduced to the design thinking approach, as well as encouraged to identify real world problems and develop credible solutions.

  • English

    Poly’s Middle School English curriculum challenges as it nurtures, instilling a critical foundation for writing across an array of disciplines. Students explore a variety of writing modes, moving from the expressive to the analytical in increasingly complex forms. In addition to understanding how to craft artful sentences into well-developed essays, Poly’s Middle School students read a wide range of literature, from inspiring classics like Julius Caesar or The Giver to the work of modern writers like Jamaica Kincaid.

  • History

    At the core of the History Department’s mission is the belief that the study of history has the potential to, in the words of historian Carl Degler, “expand our conception and understanding of what it means to be human.” The study of history is integral to Poly’s mission of preparing students to be global citizens, and our history curriculum is designed to help students become comfortable navigating, both in the past and in the present, the tension between the familiar and the strange. To this end, students develop a deep knowledge of their own country’s history, global history, and area-specific histories. We also empower students to seek an understanding of their world that goes beyond their present moment, and to develop the empathy and humility that are integral to the thoughtful exercise of global citizenship.

  • Mathematics

    Our mathematics curriculum encourages students to become logical and imaginative thinkers. We help students recognize patterns and structures, explore multiple routes to solving problems, develop and apply critical thinking and abstract reasoning skills, and organize and explain their reasoning. As we model real world situations and promote both deductive and inductive reasoning, our students develop the intellectual tools and confidence to persevere through complex and challenging non-routine problems, and enjoy the challenge of attempting to find the unknown and delight in its discovery.

  • Science

    Our Science Department recognizes that, now more than ever before, the natural world demands innovative solutions to the most vexing environmental, medical, and resource dilemmas humankind has confronted. Our students therefore engage in experiments and analysis of observable data that challenge them to understand how science shapes all phenomena, from the manufacture of sunblock to the understanding of epidemic disease. Middle School courses integrate the disciplines of life science, physical science, and earth/space science. In those courses, students use science and engineering practices to make sense of phenomena and design solutions to problems, preparing them to become tomorrow’s engineers, physicians, researchers, space explorers, and scientifically literate citizens.

  • World Languages/Classics

    Our language courses immerse students in French, Spanish, Mandarin, and/or Latin as a means of nurturing their curiosity about peoples and cultures far beyond our halls, fostering understanding that transcends our own context and time. Modern language classes place a premium on speaking, sharing, and celebrating the target language, not least as a means of promoting students’ cultural competence and personal courage. Classics courses promote deeper appreciation of the elements of spoken and written language, empowering our students to use their own language in richer, more sophisticated, and more impactful ways. Local excursions to restaurants, exhibits, and NYC neighborhoods encourage students to become intrepid and considerate citizens of the world.

  • Learning Support and Enrichment

    At Poly, we appreciate the wide diversity of learning styles and are dedicated to meeting each child’s learning needs. Our learning specialists help all students to meet the demands of our curriculum, as well as become proficient self-advocates who are resilient, meta-cognitive, and strategic learners. Our learning specialists not only work closely with students, deans, and classroom teachers but also oversee the Learning Center, a space for students to practice their skills and utilize a range of academic supports. We support teachers in meeting all students’ needs and enriching learning experiences in the classroom.