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Each morning, teachers and the Head of Lower School greet students who arrive by bus, scooter, or on foot at our beautiful Lower School building, steps away from Prospect Park. They enter a landmark building whose beautiful hallways, stained glass windows, and sculpted wooden staircase are brought to life by their voices, their questions, their dances, their musical renditions, their art, by everything they are and all the energy they bring to learning.

We are a community of learners and, together, we create the Poly experience.

At the Lower School, that experience is tailored to children’s innate curiosity, developmental needs, and creative impulses. Our teachers collaborate to produce engaging lessons that nurture inquisitiveness, intellectual courage, and empathy. Our deans promote state-of-the art programs to support curriculum development and social-emotional learning, and our energetic Parents’ Association helps facilitate classroom events, field trips, celebrations of diversity, and conversations about parenting practices.

LS overview educational philosophy

Educational Philosophy

Our whole-child educational philosophy derives from our commitment to diversity—of individuals, viewpoints, experiences—and the intellectual and moral excellence that it generates. Poly’s Lower School curriculum nurtures and extends students’ natural curiosity, engages them in the challenges and joys of problem solving, and motivates them to acquire the knowledge and habits of mind necessary to become agents of change in their communities, our country, and the world.


Poly Students


Caiden S. ’29

Caiden created a “Band in a Box” video by writing his own piano composition, playing and recording it, and putting it together with three professional musicians playing bass, guitar, and saxophone.

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Amina D. ’30

Amina D. ’30 is a talented artist with passion for music, theater, and drawing.



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Sophia C. ’31

Sophia C. ’31 lives to challenge and better herself through her pursuit of knowledge.

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Zoe D. ’29

Zoe D. ’29 is a great team player and her creativity shines through all of her work.

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Jonathan D. ’30

Jonathan D. ’30 wrote a story entitled “How Bird Got its Wings” adapted from a Haudenosaunee folktale.

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John W. ’32

“John W. ’32 loves P.E. and shows good sportsmanship after each contest.”

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Positively POLY

Discover how Poly’s student-centered approach provides families a partner in social-emotional health, reaching academic goals, and igniting the imagination. We are a community of learners and, together, we create the Poly experience.