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Poly Prep’s Upper School program reflects our students’ extraordinary–and extraordinarily diverse–talents and interests. Collaboratively, we work to cultivate the skills, confidence, and resolve to live a life of purpose and meaning, in high school and beyond.

We invite you to join us in this journey. Together, we will prepare and inspire the next generation of diverse leaders and global citizens to act with intelligence, imagination, and, above all, character.

Much Ado About Math

Academic Excellence

Our Upper School curriculum challenges students to move beyond their existing assumptions and understandings, celebrate the creative tension that differences generate, and hone critical thinking and communication skills that will serve them throughout their lives. From 9th to 12th grades, students join a community of learners — including faculty, deans, advisors, and other mentors — who encourage and inspire them to excel, especially by taking the intellectual risks that academic and personal excellence requires.


Poly Students


Atiya Pope ’23

“The thing that makes Poly students special is that we’re all rooting for one another.”

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Hank Schilling ’24

“Poly understands how sports and academics are equally important in students’ lives. We have a wide array of sports to choose from and many teams to join both in Middle School and Upper School. There are facilities and fields for almost every sport you can think of.”

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Khari Freeman ’24

“There are so many good people around and there is always someone you can ask for help when you need it.”

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Gauri Purohit ’21

“Poly has given me a vast array of opportunities in both academics and the arts, which have allowed me to immerse myself in math courses beyond the standard curriculum and participate in theatre performances.”

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Ryantony Exuma ’22

“Just like stringing notes together to create music, in French class, Ryantony strings together words, manipulates syntax, and applies grammar to express himself in such a thoughtful and euphonious manner…”

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Alexandra Nava-Baltimore ’20

“Being a student at Poly has allowed me to live what I learned. Poly has been my home, my studio, my classroom, and my inspiration.”

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Positively POLY

Discover how Poly’s student-centered approach provides families a partner in social-emotional health, setting goals, and course selection, as well as navigating the college process—from search and admissions to financial aid.