PolyCultura 2022 Celebrates Belonging

There’s nothing quite like a Brooklyn Block Party, where friends and neighbors celebrate their slice of the New York City pie. This year, the theme of PolyCultura, the Lower School’s annual family diversity festival, is Poly Block Party and the focus is on belonging.

The Lower School Parents’ Association invites current and new Lower School families to join us on Saturday, May 14, 1:00 PM – 4:00 PM, for an afternoon of engaging activities for children, music, food, and fun on the Dyker Heights campus. Attendees should register and be mindful of COVID protocols.

Poly Cultura

Did you know? The name PolyCultura is derived from an agricultural term, which means to grow many different types together in the same soil.

Poly’s diversity festivals began in 2015 with a Dance for Diversity, and evolved into Passport to Poly, a celebration of heritage, and, last year, we shared the diverse stories of the Lower School community virtually at PolyCultura.

Scenes from Dance for Diversity (top left), Passport to Poly (top right and bottom left), and PolyCultura (bottom right)

We are one community with many different families, who can all learn from each other. Tene Raymond P’31, ’33, this year’s PolyCultura co-chair with Sara Ahmed P’33, ’36, remembers coming to the Lower School diversity event before joining the Poly community. For her it was a “major moment” seeing the joyful celebration, dancing, and sharing of cultures. “I knew exactly where I wanted my young son to go.” Raymond says she hopes families will come and “feel the importance of their role in the Poly community.” New families should know that their voices will be welcomed and appreciated.

At Poly’s Lower School, “Belonging means we share space, resources and decision making. Every voice is heard and responded to. We are equally valuable and should feel safe to be our authentic selves. In a space of belonging, we should see positive representations of our identities and all stories are important. Everyone is acknowledged and recognized with jubilant hellos and goodbyes.”

Let us know you’re in!
Current and new Poly families should register to attend.

Fun Interactive Activities

In the week preceding PolyCultura, there will be faculty-led in-school explorations of belonging with age-adjusted classroom activities throughout the Lower School.

On Saturday, fun activities for the children will be set up around the Oval on the Dyker Heights campus with plenty of room for running around and dancing. The six interactive activities lead by parent volunteers will support learning about belonging. For example, in one game using pool noodles, children will learn how to work together as a team in order to have a successful result. In another activity, children will learn line dancing, and discover when the music comes on that everyone dances a bit differently. Another special activity is making handprints that will be added to a wonderful mural, which will become an amalgamation of the day. Creativity and laughter are a perfect combo as we create and support community.

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Families are asked to register to attend PolyCultura on Saturday, May 14 from 1:00 PM – 4:00 PM at the Dyker Heights campus.

Please note the following policy for in-person visits to our campuses:

  • Parents/guardians who visit must show a digital Poly Pass to enter.
  • Visitors experiencing any symptoms consistent with COVID-19, including mild symptoms such as congestion should stay home.
  • Unvaccinated children may accompany their vaccinated parents.
    • As of 1/3/2022, individuals 5 years and older must be fully vaccinated in order to attend any Poly event (plays, concerts, sporting events).
    • Children over 5 who are not fully vaccinated will not be permitted on campus.
  • Masks are optional.
  • Parents/guardians accompanied by unvaccinated children are responsible for ensuring that unvaccinated children maintain social distance (> 3 feet) from others while on campus.
  • Visitors who are not Poly Prep parents/guardians must show a valid ID and a proof of vaccination. Proof of vaccination can be a NYS Excelsior Pass, a CDC vaccination card or NYC’s COVID SAFE app.
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