President Biden Gives Advice to Grade 2

Students receive letter from President Biden
Sarah Ely’s Grade 2 Spanish Class

Lower School students learned that they have a powerful voice, even if they are young.

Last year, students in the Lower School’s second grade class learned about immigration. “In Spanish class, students read aloud and had discussions about immigration from Central and South America to the United States,” explained Spanish teacher Sarah Ely. “Based on the conversations, some of the students were moved to write to President Biden expressing their opinions and thoughts on immigration policy. This May, President Biden wrote back to the students! The Class of 2031 displayed great pride in their work and excitement to see a response from the White House.”

President Biden responds to students Mason R. and Rory M.
Mason R. ’31 and Rory M. ’31

Each letter began in Spanish, “Querido presidente Biden,” and then after introducing themselves, they told him, “Estoy en segundo grado.” They continued their letters in English telling President Biden they thought he should take down the wall separating Mexico and the United States and make it easier for immigrants to become a U.S. citizen. They also said that people should not be deported causing families to be separated.

President Joe Biden wrote back to the children. In the letter, the president thanked the children for writing and said he enjoyed reading “your thoughts about the issues most important to you.” (Read President Biden’s letter at bottom of this post.)

President Joe Biden
President Joe Biden

“Even at your young ages, you have the power to impact the future for generations to come. Throughout your lives, remain curious, creative, and fearless. These traits will serve you well and allow you to experience the best that life has to offer.”

President Joseph Biden

President Biden went on to say, “ Our country faces many challenges, and the work we have ahead of us is tough. I am certain that if we set aside our differences and come together as a Nation, we will create positive change. It will not be easy, and I am going to need your help.”

Examples of letters students wrote:
Grade 2 letter to Biden
President Biden’s letter to Sarah Ely’s class: