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Sarah Ely

Sarah Ely

  • Special Subject Teacher, Spanish
  • 718-836-9800
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  • Park Slope
  • Lower School

“Teaching has always been my dream career. I feel privileged to be part of Poly’s community.”

When Lower School Spanish teacher Sarah Ely first arrived in the fourth floor Spanish Room in 2016, she was delighted to see a familiar image in the classroom mural, a mosaic of a dragon from the Gaudi Park Güell in Barcelona, where she had studied. Sarah says her love of Spanish goes all the way back to her introduction to the language on Sesame Street! In the classroom, she creates an immersive language setting and employs her puppeteering skills with “Señor Sapo,” a frog puppet. Sarah describes her teaching philosophy: “I operate under the belief that all children are linguistic geniuses. Students’ main objective is to communicate, and my responsibility as the teacher is to facilitate communication in the Spanish language via multiple modalities. I delight when children take ownership of their learning and begin to communicate independently in Spanish.”

Lower School