Softball MVP Award Named for Coach Piscopo

It was announced at the Spirit Award ceremony at 2019 Homecoming that the Softball MVP award will be named for Coach Mildred Piscopo. And rightly so!

When she first applied to Poly Prep as a physical education teacher, she figured she’d stay a few years, then move on. A few years turned into thirty, where Mildred coached girls’ field hockey and softball teams, and eventually became Director of Athletics. During that time, the softball team coached by her won more championships than any other team in NYSAIS softball history—a staggering total of eighteen.

Many of her teams went to championships, often driven by “sheer grittiness,” as she said. She found new challenges and excitement in every year of her time at Poly Prep, and relished the increased emphasis on girls’ sports at the school. Her goal as a coach? “I want every kid to experience some level of success,” she said, describing her work with them as a life-changing experience. Truly an inspiration for our students and generations of future athletes at Poly Prep.

Mildred Piscopo
Mildred Piscopo