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David Higham

David Higham

  • Performing Arts Faculty, Theater
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  • Dyker Heights
  • Upper School

“I was most influenced by a teacher in high school who started his class by telling you that he wasn’t there to teach you metal work but how to think for yourself—and he did. Ideally understanding design is the focus and where we are headed, but I think process and organization are very important skills and can be applied to any area of study.”

David Higham P’07 has been an integral part of Poly theater since 1992. As Theatre Manager/Technical Director Stage Craft & Construction, Set Design, Film Production, he has taught and designed lighting, sound, and sets for over 160 Poly performing arts productions. He was the recipient of Poly’s Spirit Award in 2013. Originally from Perth in Western Australia, David attended the University of Western Australia. During his career, David has also designed lighting for numerous theater, dance, and opera companies in New York City. He designed lighting installations for high-end NYC gardens and terraces and tri-state estates, as well as lighting for NYC residential and commercial installations. David describes himself as “fortunate enough to be married for over 40 years to one of the best costume designers on Broadway.”

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