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Francois Monroc

Francois Monroc

  • World Languages Faculty
  • 718-836-9800
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  • Dyker Heights
  • Middle School, Upper School

“Through my experience, I want to be a facilitator for students so that they can enjoy the process of learning a language and get access to a world full of possibilities. I love the use of new technologies as a way to make a connection between students’ interests and the cultures they’re studying about.”

Francois Monroc joined Poly as a Middle and Upper School French teacher in August 2021. Born and raised in the suburbs of Paris with parents from Martinique and Normandy, he has always been keen on learning languages in order to discover the world. He earned a bachelor’s degree in English studies from Paris-East Créteil University, which gave him the opportunity to live in the UK for 10 years. There, he obtained a Postgraduate Certificate in Education that allowed him to teach French and Spanish in Birmingham and London. Then, he decided to bring back what he learned to his home country and taught English to middle and upper school students in Paris. Since 2017, he has been able to accomplish one of his dreams which was to live in New York. As a teacher, Francois loves to introduce the francophone world so that students get a larger spectrum of the language they’re learning and gain a thirst for discovery and travelling. In his spare time, Francois is a huge basketball and soccer fan and attends Brooklyn Nets and New York Liberty games whenever he gets the chance. He also loves to explore New York museums and find inspiration from artists like JR, Van Gogh, or Basquiat.

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