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Ira Feldman

Ira Feldman

  • Mathematics Faculty
  • 718-836-9800
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  • Dyker Heights
  • Upper School

“I teach in a project-based style, which relies on a discovery method.”

Ira Feldman was already a veteran mathematics teacher when he arrived at Poly in 2008. Since he was a junior at Erasmus High School, he knew that his career path would be in the field of math. Ira taught in the public school system for 33 years and found time to teach at various CUNY colleges, including his alma mater, Brooklyn College. He retired in 2002 but could not stay away from teaching. In his Geometry, Discrete Math, and Probability classes, Ira stresses projects and processes more than exams. He hosts the yearlong Thinkmeister contest in which he posts word problems on the math hallway walls for all brave enough to take on the challenge. Ira presents a trophy to the student with the most accumulated points at the last Upper School Assembly of the year.