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James Ogilvie

James Ogilvie

  • Media Assistant
  • 718-836-9800
  • Email
  • Dyker Heights
  • Upper School, Middle School

“As soon as I walk on Poly’s Dyker Heights campus every morning during my workday, it is always a wonderful feeling to take in the beautiful natural environment and friendly greetings. Learning about and helping others through talking and listening and working together is wonderful. Knowing that projects I work on help make things easier for everyone gives me a very positive feeling as well. The ability to fully participate in and enjoy the community atmosphere with others on any given school day, at shows, events like Homecoming, is what I always enjoy the most!”

James Ogilvie began his tenure with the Technology Department at Poly in 2016 and has since enjoyed helping out different members of our community and their departments. Whether it’s a spreadsheet project or organizing and inventory, it helps him better understand how things work within the school environment. Some of the departments he’s done projects for include Communications, Library, and Advancement. “It’s always a pleasure to learn about the interests of my co-workers, such as what they have been reading lately, what music they like, or what movies they’ve seen, are seeing, or enjoy,” he says.

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