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Kent Leeklymenko

Kent Leeklymenko

  • Classical and Modern Philosophy Faculty
  • 718-836-9800
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  • Dyker Heights
  • Upper School, Middle School

“The Latin language and the culture of the ancient Romans connect to and enrich many other disciplines. I love helping students discover these fascinating and practical intellectual connections.”

Middle and Upper School Latin and Ancient Greek teacher Kent LeeKlymenko was inspired to become a teacher by his uncle, who taught Spanish and ancient history. His love of Latin is infectious, and he believes in the importance of educating his students on the enduring cultural legacy of the ancient Greco-Romans and its influence on global heritage. Kent also teaches Intro to Japanese (since 2023), and the senior Philosophy seminar. Additionally, he has been the Chess/Go club advisor since 2019. In 2021, he received Poly Prep’s Teaching & Learning Award.

In addition to his love of Latin, Kent has a passion for mycology, or the study of mushrooms/fungi. He knows the best places to find many different variations, from chanterelles to maitake, as well as how to cook them. To unearth the connection between his two passions, ask him how poisonous mushrooms may have brought the Emperor Nero to the throne.

Classical and Modern Philosophy  Classics  Interdisciplinary Studies  World Languages