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Ramesh Laungani

Ramesh Laungani

  • Science Department Chair
  • 718-836-9800 x6820
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  • Dyker Heights
  • Upper School

“Scientific inquiry is not simply the realm of those with advanced degrees, it is a space where the only requirement is curiosity, fascination, and organized critical thinking. When students are empowered to have their own curiosities drive science in the classroom, learning happens at a much deeper level.”

Ramesh Laungani joined Poly in 2021 as head of the Science Department. Before coming to Poly he was an Associate Professor of Biology at Doane University in Nebraska. He loves getting students excited about exploring science through experiments & is passionate about training students to be great science communicators and both of these are key aspects of his classes. Students have conducted research with him focusing on the impacts of climate change on plant communities and on ways to fight climate change. Additionally, he spearheaded a science communication project called the 1000 STEM Women Project, which curates a library of 90-second scientist introduction videos for use in classrooms. The overall goal of the project is to diversify the view that students have of scientists and STEM careers. He is originally from Long Island, went to New York University for his B.A., but made Nebraska his home for his Ph.D. and his time as a professor at Doane University before returning to New York to work at Poly. When not teaching, Ramesh loves to cook and mix records on his turntables.

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