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Samuel Turner

Samuel Turner

  • Performing Arts Faculty, Dance
  • 718-836-9800
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  • Dyker Heights
  • Upper School

“The language of dance allows students to create structured phrases through movement vocabularies; which they can articulate to make a statement, tell a story, or express their emotions.”

Sam Turner joined Poly Prep as the Upper School Dance teacher in 2021. Growing up in a small farm town in South Florida, his passion for music & dance began in the church at a young age. His determination would come to fruition; earning his degrees in Ballet and Kinesiology from Indiana University Jacob’s School of Music and accredited through American Ballet Theatre. His ambition paved the way for opportunities in performance, choreography, and education throughout North America and Europe. His artistry and pedagogy were finessed by his experiences with The Metropolitan Opera Ballet, Radio City Music Hall, American Repertory Ballet,and mentors/choreographers like Violette Verdy, Mark Morris, and Elisa Monte.

“I remember being told I shouldn’t do ballet, I have the wrong body type, skin tone; my mentors taught me to transform those emotions to propel me forward in my art.” Sam devotes his energy to empowering minds to find their own path and remain steadfast despite hindrances or obstacles. He encourages students to strengthen their ability to express themselves through movement efficiencies within the language. “My goal is to support every student aspiring to reach their full artistic potential with an understanding of the technical foundations, history, and future of dance.”

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