Upper and Middle School Major Awards 2023

It’s awards season at Poly!

Middle School Major Awards

Middle School Major Awards were presented at an assembly on May 30 in Chapel. Middle School students were honored for their curiosity, compassion, love of learning, academic performance, and extracurricular activities!

Middle School Major Awards

Congratulations to the Middle School Awardees:

  • Marjorie Bull Award: Diangely Llano ’27
  • Myron Ruckstull Award: Gaby Amorosino ’27
  • Ralph K. Dupee Award: Charlotte Arzouian ’28 and Emma Schlesinger ’28
  • Maryanna Sheller Award: Audrey Scherquist ’29 and Eytan Goldberg ’29
  • Marie Corkhill Award: Hunter Gill ’30 and Liliana Ruiz ’30
Upper School Major Awards

Upper School Academic Awards were presented during an assembly on May 4 and Upper School Major Awards were presented on June 13 at the Major Awards Assembly. Congratulations to students who were honored for their hard work, dedication to learning, athleticism, and scholarship.

Congratulations to the Upper School Major Awards Honorees:

  • Poly Cup: June Dorsch ’23
  • Joseph Dana Allen Award: Rory Schoenberger ’23
  • Williams Prize for Intellectual Curiosity: Kyle Williams ’23
  • Creativity Prize: Katie Lopez ’23
  • School Service Award: Emily Mansfield ’23
  • Scull Plaque: Phillip Lawrence ’23 and Eliza Schwarz ’23
Upper School Academic Awards

Congratulations to the Upper School Academic Awardees:

  • Mitchell Prize: Shaza Mousa ’23
  • New England Society Book Award: June Dorsch ’23
  • Senior French Award: Nicole Bogdanos ’23
  • Pitkow Spanish Award: Olivia Umeh ’23
  • Mandarin Award: Sasha Lifton Lewis ’23
  • The Gilbert Feldman Memorial Latin Award: William Howell ’23
  • Senior Math Prize: Rory Schoenberger ’23
  • The Sandra Stone Award: Jackson ten Oever ’23
  • Computer and Information Science Award: Kyle Williams ’23