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Samuel Turner

Sam Turner

  • Dance Faculty

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Heidi Zarou ’86, P’22, ’22

“In the Lower School art studios, every day is a journey, an exploration into new and exciting territories with our youngest learners where creativity, imagination, and energy abound.”


Jean Belford P’24

Jean’s AP Computer Science Principles class won the AP Computer Science Principles Female Diversity Award that recognizes Poly’s commitment to female diversity, as well as the girls’ interest and enthusiasm for computer science.


Laura B. Coppola ’95

“The best part of teaching at Poly is building communities and relationships with students and seeing their understanding of art and its transformative power grow. I hope my students use their knowledge of culture and art in a way that empowers them and gives voice to issues they really care about.”


Maria DiCarlo P’23

“My goal for all my math students is that they look back on their math classes and feel that my department has nurtured their abilities to be creative problem-solvers and independent thinkers.”