Lower School Read-a-Thon

Lil Blue Devil Reading

Lower School students eagerly checked their progress on a hallway Read-o-Meter toward 2,100 hours of reading and prizes along the way. Would they make it to the ultimate prize of a sliming?

Ready, Set, Read!

In announcing the annual Lower School Read-a-Thon from January 23-29, librarian Kristen Robb P’24, ’26 told the community, “Starting on Monday, January 23, let’s reduce our screen time and READ! After reading each day, students in Nursery and Pre-K should put a sticker on the reading log that was sent home, and Kindergarten – Grade 4 students, as well as teachers and staff, should complete and submit the virtual reading log. All reading counts — you may read to yourself, read to a family member (including pets and stuffed animals), or have a family member read aloud to you. Even reading homework counts!”

What was the grand prize? If the goal of 2,100 hours of reading was met, Head of Lower School Francis Yasharian P’36, librarian Robb, and security officer Xerxes Vizcaino would be slimed at an assembly on Friday, February 3!

When students reached the first goal of 42,000 minutes (700 hours), there was a cupcake party. At the point of reaching the second goal of 84,000 minutes (1,400 hours) all students participated in a cupcake party and received a special Read-a-Thon notebook and pen. As a special surprise, Lower School’s Blue Devil mascot went around to each classroom promoting reading and distributing the notebook and pen.

Dress Like a Book Character Day

The Read-O-Meter was moving up past 1,400 hours when the students celebrated Dress Like a Book Character Day on Friday, January 27. At arrival, Wilbur the pig from Charlotte’s Web greeted students as they excitedly  hopped from the bus. They could see that Wilbur had the smiling face of Dr. Yasharian, who was accompanied by the spider (Kimberly Davis Rivizzigno, Director of Family Engagement) and the farmer (Kenneth Hamilton, Assistant Head of Lower School) from the same story. Also arriving at Lower School were Dory Fantasmagory, a number of Harry Potters and Hermiones, Mary Poppins, Goldilocks, Pete the Cat, Matilda, and even a Titanic complete with iceberg!

Amazing Read-a-Thon Results

Would the community reach the goal of 126,000 minutes of reading (2,100 hours)?

On Monday, January 30, Robb announced the results to the community:

“Congratulations on a fabulous Read-a-Thon! I hope you enjoyed working together to reach your first two incentives, the cupcake party and Read-a-Thon notebooks/pens with a special visit from our book-loving mascot, the Lower School Blue Devil! He was lots of fun!”

Robb recognized and congratulated  a few Poly readers for reading over 40 hours:

  • Sylvia K. in 1B
  • Zane S. in 2A
  • Cash N. and John W. in 3B
  • Eren S., Chris A. and Claire T. in 4B

Robb also thanked the faculty and staff who participated. “We had 24 faculty and staff log minutes for the Read-a-Thon,” she reported. “Mr. Carr, Ms. Dreyer, and Ms. Hunter were the top three faculty/staff readers, and all together the faculty and staff read for over 263 hours!”

At the conclusion of the Read-a-Thon, all participants also received a certificate and a bookmark. In honor of classes who had 100% participation in the Read-a-Thon, Robb said those classes “will get to choose between an extra choice time or a day with no homework.” As it turned out, every class in Grades 1-4 achieved 100% participation!

Slime Time

And finally…Robb announced, “Last but not least, to slime or not to slime? In order to see me, and Mr. Xerxes and Dr. Yasharian get slimed, you needed to work together to read at least 2,100 hours. I’m mostly happy, and also a little bit terrified, to announce that you read for 2,107 hours. So, we will see you on Friday at the Read-a-Thon/Slime Time assembly!! Excellent work, everyone, and KEEP READING!!”