Poly Honored with CCE Award

Consortium for Customized Employment, a project of Job Path

Diversity includes inclusion of all people including those with developmental disabilities. On March 31, Poly was among NYC organizations honored by the Consortium for Customized Employment, a project of Job Path, for their partnership with CCE, which provides work opportunities for people with developmental disabilities.

Poly’s Head of Technology Charles Polizano P’18 accepted the award in a Zoom meeting on behalf of Poly.

James Ogilvie and Wendy Banner
James Ogilvie and Wendy Banner

In 2015,” Polizano said, “Consortium for Customized Employment Assistant Director Wendy Banner approached Poly about a job for James Ogilvie. A customized position was created that gave James the opportunity to assist IT staff with important tasks that were taking up too much time for teachers. He started at just a few hours per week, but it soon became clear that James was capable of much more. James now works full time across several departments at the school. Thanks to the Customized Employment method, a mutually beneficial partnership was created.”

James Ogilvie
James Ogilvie

Polizano explained that he first met with Ogilvie, Banner, and his coach Liz to discuss an opportunity in technology to help with inventory and update the school’s iPads.  “James quickly picked this task up and provided a service to the school that was tremendous, as we could now proactively take care of the students’ devices in a way that we were unable to before his hiring,” Polizano said. “ After that year the school moved away from iPads, but James’ skillset and desire to learn and help out the community led to many more responsibilities throughout the school.  From helping faculty with projects, to putting together donor mailing, science lab and school supply inventory, and many other tasks, James became an integral colleague.”

“More importantly,” Polizano said, “James became a member of our community, and quite possibly the most enthusiastic one of them all.  Every performance, game, Reunion, Commencement, Homecoming, you name it, you would see James there.”

“Everyone at Poly, from the faculty to the students, know James and what he brings to Poly each and every day.  I am proud to call him a colleague, and more importantly, a friend.”

Charles Polizano P'18
Charles Polizano P’18

“As the pandemic changed all of our lives and the way we worked in the school,” Polizano said. “James used his dedication and commitment to the school to dive into professional development and learn how to take on a new role helping work in our library and Communications departments.  And he made almost every virtual happy hour to ensure he remained connected to everyone, in what was a great time of disconnect. This drive of James to help out in every way he can, I am so proud to say, has led to him being given a full-time contract going forward.  Everyone at Poly, from the faculty to the students, know James and what he brings to Poly each and every day.  I am proud to call him a colleague, and more importantly, a friend.”

Polizano thanked Ogilvie “for all he has done over the years, as well as his coaches over the last five years—Liz, Megan, and Ashley—all of whom have played a huge part in identifying the best ways that James could assist the school, as well as work with me to find training opportunities for James to expand his skillset.  Thank you to Wendy as well, as our conversations regarding the school and its needs led her to picking what I think we would all agree was the perfect match for Poly.”

Afterward Ogilvie said, “I’m so proud that I have the amazing support of Job Path and the Customized Employment Consortium behind me. Working at Poly Prep has been a wonderful experience for me so far and I’m thrilled to be able to continue on as a full time employee.”