Middle School Technology Students Create 3D Locomotives

Technology teacher Ann Oransoff’s 8th grade Computer Design class students have been learning to use 3D modeling software. She asked them to create a 3D model of a locomotive with no instructions, just a single image for references. “First they had to build a rail car using the image attached as a guide,” Oransoff said. “Then I gave them the other image of a locomotive and asked them to build that just based on looking at the picture and eyeballing the size of everything. Their final project has them building 26 food items in the 3D modeling program. I gave them a list of the foods. They are working on that and it’s hilarious and wonderful all at the same time. Oransoff added, “I am working on a gigantic Tetris game with all 6th graders using the modeling software to build a set of Tetris pieces with their name or initials on each piece. Once all 450+ pieces are 3D printed and painted, we are going to put magnets on the back of the pieces and have a ginormous Tetris game on the wall outside my office that is playable.”