Poly Highlights from a Most Unusual Year

We did it year end wrap up

There is no doubt that the MVPs of 2020-2021 are Poly’s community.

When students, faculty, and Poly families look back on the pandemic year, they will remember not just one person or event, but a resilient community that worked together day after day to ensure the safety of students and faculty, while continuing the excellence of teaching and learning that has been a hallmark of Poly in Brooklyn for 167 years. “This year was definitely one of the most challenging years of my teaching career. We, as a community, should be proud of what we were able to accomplish,” shared Sabina Laricchia-Moroney P’21, Middle School math teacher and 2021 Alumni Spirit Award winner.

“We know the adjustment from in person school was hard and want [our teachers] to know that we appreciate and notice everything you do for us.”

Talia Marash ’21

Making Poly Safe

After moving to virtual teaching in March 2020, Poly reopened on both campuses on Tuesday, September 8. Through months of hard work and planning, Poly Prep met the challenge of the COVID-19 pandemic head on and we were ready to confidently go back to in-person school safely.

daily health screening stat
# of On-campus Covid tests
swab team stat
Faculty and staff vaccinated stat
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‘’I’ve never been more grateful to the teachers at Poly who gave our kids an amazing, always-on environment to learn and thrive in this year.”

Pam Drucker Mann P’28, ’30, ’32

Poly’s Park Slope campus retained its title as the Happiest Place on Earth offering in-school learning for every student, every day.

stat hours of play
stat anti-racist read-alouds
stat k-pop dance
stat faculty effort

Innovative outdoor academics included using the natural elements of the Dyker Heights campus to calculate midpoints in geometry, add movement to language lessons, and host outdoor jazz sessions. A plethora of virtual guest speakers included novelist Andre Aciman, artists Tawny Chatmon and Dread Scott, and the Executive Editor of Time for Kids. Upper School students held voter registration drives, election forums, attended an environmental conference, and created Poly Politics + Media Project and Facing Latin America websites.

stat outdoor classrooms
stat virtual events
stat inclusion workshops
stat capstone projects
William L-R. '24

“While this has been a challenging year, I’ve really enjoyed getting involved in clubs, activities, and student groups to explore my interests, try new things, and make new friends. It’s been amazing to see my friends and classmates do this, too, as we all find our places in the Poly community.”

William Ling-Regan ’24


Through the incredible efforts of Performing Arts Department Chair Dan Doughty and our Health & Safety team, we produced an entire full theatrical season, as well as dance and music concerts. Even without live audiences, students created work together and used the campus as their stage.

stat artwork in online gallery
stat performing arts
stat Poly on Film
stat arts filming days
Adrianna Neal ’23

“Having dance outside is definitely a new experience for me, but it’s quite refreshing. It pushes everyone to be more creative.”

-Adrianna Neal ’23


Poly took advantage of every opportunity to keep student-athletes in shape during the height of the pandemic and we were the first team in our league to compete in and host contests for 27 teams in 2021.

stat athletes play
stat baseball team
stat games in april and may
stat ncaa seniors

Richard James

“At the end of all this, I hope we will remember that though we may come from different times, places, and circumstances; we are ONE.”

-Richard James