Preview of the Grades 11/12 Play “Museum”

PolyARTS is excited to invite the community to the in-person performance of the Grades 11/12 play Museum, a comedy, on November 19 at 7:00 PM and November 20 at 2:00 PM.

“Perfect Show for Poly’s Return to the Stage”

Museum by Tina Howe is described by director Michael S. Robinson as “a delightful comedy that plays with the seriousness and absurdity of a contemporary art exhibit in a major museum. It brings together an incredible range of characters for the ensemble cast to embody, and the creative design efforts of Poly’s stellar production team really bring style and humor to this show.”

“Personally,” Robinson adds, “I enjoy the museum experience the play examines from guards to visitors and artists themselves. Having once worked at the Metropolitan Museum, in retail, as one of my first NYC jobs, I have fond memories of being a member of the working community of varied professionals that come together to anchor cultural institutions. Poly’s Visual Arts programs also showcase students’ explorations of art history, art and social change, and creative expression through a wide range of media as well as partnership programs with the Brooklyn Museum of Art, which focuses on curatorial practices. This was the perfect show for part of Poly’s return to the stage season.”

The Cast Invites You to Their Museum

“Since there are 44 roles in this play, everyone got cast in multiple roles,” senior Brandon Jackson ’22 said. “I play Mr. Hollingsford, Bob Lamb, the First Guard, and Mr. Moe. Each character has their own unique qualities, and the challenging part for me would just be to play each of them in a way that is portrayed properly and is also engaging and entertaining. For Mr. Moe, since he is a deaf mute, he uses sign language to communicate. I was interested in learning sign language, and I was ready for the challenge that came with learning something completely new for a performance.” World Languages and American Sign Language teacher Dr. Angela Gittens worked with students on character development.

“There is just a different vibe brought by in-person performances that just can’t be replicated over a computer screen.”

“I’m pretty excited to be performing on stage again,” Jackson said. “There is a sense of normality being returned in Poly theater, with performances happening in front of a live audience and not over a Zoom meeting. The pandemic took away the fun interactions from in-person rehearsals and performances, where everyone is practicing together, having fun together, being nervous together, and wishing each other luck together. There is just a different vibe brought by in-person performances that just can’t be replicated over a computer screen. The return to in-person school was something that all performers probably wanted, and I’m glad I can do my last few performances at Poly with a live audience watching.”

Cooper Flinn-Beane ’23 enjoys playing both Will Willard and Giorgio in Museum. “What I most like about Will is his ironic lack of awareness of his surroundings and his words while also being so in touch with the art around him, getting himself into an argument over a fancy term for the art around him.” Flinn-Beane adds, “Giorgio, however, seems a lot more aware of his surroundings so much so that he even gets into trouble while ‘examining’ the brushwork of an artist.” Flinn-Beane explains,  “I found it hard to really distinguish the two characters from one another, giving them both different personas even though they are so alike. This play really displays a whole range of characters who interact with each other in so many odd yet funny ways.”

“Poly theater means so much to me, as that’s where I’ve made some of my closest friends… I’m so glad theater at Poly is back!”

Like everyone else Flinn-Beane is glad to be back on stage in person. “I am so glad to finally be able to perform in front of a live audience again,” he said. “Poly theater means so much to me, as that’s where I’ve made some of my closest friends, bonding over our late line memorization and messing up of blocking, or even just sitting in the audience watching our friends rehearse. I’m so glad theater at Poly is back!”

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Families are asked to reserve their tickets to attend Museum on Friday, November 19 at 7:00 PM or Saturday, November 20 at 2:00 PM.

Please note the following policy for in-person visits to our campuses:

  • Poly Prep’s campuses are accessible for fully vaccinated individuals aged 12+.
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